Dear readers, whether you are the giant of a working game player ?If so ,this may be to your liking, please continue to read .Because I am a seven or eight star sky is also a standard white-collar workers game player ,diablo 3 account,know that every office worker game player distress :because every day busy ,tired of dizziness ,noon valuable free time is going to break ,so the day basically is no time to play giant .
As time going to work ... ... If you dare to play around in the office ?I didn playing in the office ,don Meng Tingwei classic the lyrics :you see, you see, the boss ... ... Therefore ,workers can really play the game player giant of the time ,is also the night after work limited to three or four hours .
Then how can we get this limited three or four hours of use ,to achieve twice the result with half the effort ?Listen to my one one :commuters game player other than the game player advantage is what ?Have fixed income !Each month you have fixed income ,cast a few money to the game ,you must not mind ?The dozens of pieces of money than you and your colleagues ,friends to wine and dine ,Cara OK ,also not a drop in the bucket ?But you should know :play now giant has salary ,your equipment by system of wages can be solved .
Why is the basic solution ?Because you wage to equipment is not the best .Though not the best ,but have enough for you .This is why ?And listen to later decomposition .You must ask, since without the need of additional money to build equipment ,then into Qian Laigan ?The answer is :Brush soldier tasks and pleated task !Is now a hundred fold task is a brush ,brush a purple pleated ,massive experience enough to make you laugh grin ,diablo 3 time card!Thus ,light brush a hundred fold task ,dozens of pieces of money can .
What you waiting for? If you are willing to spend more money,buy diablo 3 cd key, every acquisition of several delivery token token ,expedition ,the experience is not fly up? Of course ,if you do not want to spend money ,all of these can not do .
As a salaried worker game player ,you have to choose a good occupation .What ?Sniper ?Blast? Wushu? No. Commuters to consider is not the game player !Every night, so little time online ,even the task is done ,you have time to go to PK ?So you need to consider is what occupation :brush strange the fastest ,highest efficiency ?That is to say ,the preferred occupation is a businessman or a trainer .
Play the merchant ( tamers ) knows this occupation benefits: mercenary brush strange ,high efficiency ,red blue and equipment requirements ,low degree of game player .This is not your extra money in the equipment on the reason .
Such a need to brush strange occupation ,I believe you will not give up .To low cost ,high efficiency utilization of time ,game player in different grades have different methods .Specifically ,sergeant and lieutenant before later upgrade Raiders are different .
We look first non-commissioned officer before the stage of rapid upgrade Raiders ( has gone through the lieutenant later grade game player can skip the following section) :if you decide to start playing giant ,a seven or eight star sky suggest you to old to play .
Why? Because of the low level of skill book ,old equipment ,precious stones and other market prices cheaper ,there are many high grade game player can take you ,more important is :the high level foreign game player cannot rob you of the dart vehicle ,while the dart vehicle experience is the experience of a large source of game player .
Even if you and other game player also entered into the area, but your online time is not a lot ,sooner or later will be given behind .So ,Tera Power Leveling,had better to old slowly leveling !The novice entering the city ( not a novice village before their own hard about it ,soon came out) the first thing to do? Do the task ?No.
The first thing to do ,is to find a master ,now with the apprentice salary ,who is very interested in Tuba with you .And even if we don the master ,in the national channel to shout :to honor to take me ,there would be people willing to take you to upgrade .
There is a big help ,up to two or three night may be promoted to lieutenant .The company later ,all tasks can be received ,businessman ( Trainer ) mercenaries have been basically formed ,for large trust is not so high,buy GW2 Gold, your choice is much .
Some tasks are to do ,to the accumulation of experience into the future .For example, intelligence gathering ,Raiders of the Lost Ark ,multinational expedition .Accumulated a week ,at the end of the week you break the task done ,experience is not much worse than the other game player .
As for the backup supply task ,how I do do ,do wrong front-line express) ,peace time has passed ,in peace time later transport vehicle of money ,both were dangerous ,and it is too time-consuming ,reward and low, cost and benefit is not proportional, don it .
However ,some tasks are to have time to do .In addition to transport the dart vehicle ,purple pleated ,task manager NPC where the task ,have time to do try to do ,because it was unable to accumulate experience .
If you 19:about 30 of the line, to make the mission ,pulling, to 21: 00have finished.If your country Marshal will arrange it, this time illusion space is open ,you went to the neutral zone of the Maya time to brush the strange !This time ,you will see the man or beast benefits .
21: 20 from thevision ,not to return home ,to be acquisition task .Although the collection is itself can accumulate experience ,but by the acquisition and production experience of Dan ,and collecting items to exchange experience ,these two experience is not cumulative .
So this task must be done .If during a group activities ,such as war ,copy ,group group group planting ,you attend ,although these activities experience not many ,but the main is a group contribution can take .
The future of motorcycle ,the skill book, cloak and other things, and you use group contribution to change it !Group after the activity ends ,you exit copy is in the neutral zone where ,if the acquisition did not finish the task ,to continue .
.. ... How? See table below ,more than ten at night ,almost play for 3 hours ,to do the task basically do .Also used on computer overnight hang up ?No. Brush one night genius number experience ?The next night the province electricity ,not accurate and can brush a purple pleated to .