The Japanese public, will be the PS3 platform launched a new The game theme highlighted the To play in the [Master of swamp witch Ilir Meta Lica (the メ タ リ,, grades posted). Mehta Lica 100 cavalry,GW2 Time Card, in charge of the swamp claiming ‧ That's So Raven. Ordinarily be called Tried every means to destroy the evil forest witch, and swamps the world. In order to achieve the purpose of unscrupulous dark hero. Mehta Erika [one hundred cavalry (the industrialization ゃ っ ki へ い)] one hundred cavalry and one hundred cavalry for the protagonist, the player's avatar (which can replace the name) is summoned by the swamp witch magic to make the existence of the immortal body. In the presence of one hundred,wow cd key, only one will instantiate the form of soldiers. Although originally have overwhelming force, but now only use half of the original magic. No such thing as moral values,diablo 3 gold, so I will make some tyrannical things, is not lost witch anything can make individual. In fact, the domination of witch does not seem quite so convinced. Witch of the witch and one hundred cavalry and one hundred cavalry to the Witch Museum ◆ game features the player will be completed as a base a variety of tasks. One hundred cavalry through a simple operation, resorted to a variety of magical creatures in order to exert a special action. And use these actions to defeat the enemy or to unlock the organs and traps on the map. And one hundred cavalry the witch magic Activities beyond the action outside the stronghold will the consumer GIGAcal, consumption until Witch of the witch and one hundred cavalry and one hundred cavalry In addition, the protagonist named one hundred cavalry soldiers legendary 100, but only the protagonist can gesture instantiate into a variety of forms,aion time card, and expand the Baiji ‧ tactical positions (Baiji technical ト チ. grades posted) Witch of the witch and one hundred cavalry and one hundred cavalry and a high degree of freedom is one of the selling points for Of course, according to the choice of people's attitudes will change,Buy GW2 Time Card, but also prepared many story extension. Witch, and one hundred cavalry witch, and one hundred cavalry intelligence witch ◆ First Press Limited Edition Mehta Erika ● small clay witch Mehta Erika ● set the dataset 2CD loaded Soundtrack small clay clay people the PS3 witch and one hundred cavalry scheduled for 2012 on sale in spring, the price of yet. Editor: lolo