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Upgrading a Person's Counseling Practice

counseling masters degree

After a few years of working with an undergraduate degree as a counselor or life coach, a person may want to advance their practice into a more specialized area. Getting a counseling masters degree in a focused area is one way to move into a different level of counseling. It can open up more opportunities to increase one's salary as well as provide them with work in an area for which they are passionate. Here are some examples of where a person's counseling career can take them with an advanced degree.


Correctional and Justice System

counseling masters degree

Working in this area, the counselor assists people in the system to prepare for life outside. They focus attention on how to obtain and maintain steady employment and how to find housing. The counselor helps them understand the dynamics of forming relationships outside of the system and how they are different than what they may have become accustomed to. Even within this area a counselor can choose to specialize, such as with juveniles that have become part of the correction system.


Healthcare System

There are a number of areas within the healthcare system where a counselor is always needed. Cancer survivors often need help to regain their confidence as they step back out into their lives. Transplant patients may need help creating a new body image for themselves. People who have experienced trauma or disease, which has left them paralyzed, need counseling to adapt to their new challenges. Those who face a terminal illness may find counseling helpful as they come to terms with a limited time to live and all of the choices that are ahead of them.


Cultural Groups

counseling masters degree

A counselor can specialize in working with a certain cultural population. Latino, African American and Native American communities benefit from having counseling services that understand their unique challenges and needs. The counselor helps people learn how to navigate in the world outside of their community. Where special benefits are available to the individual, the counselor can help them tap into those services.


Gender Groups

Issues of gender discrimination impact many people who see themselves outside of the standard male/female model. Transgender, gay and lesbian individuals struggle to thrive in various communities. Counseling helps them to understand their own bodies and emotions, and how to interact with people who don't understand them. These individuals seek the help from counselors who accept them and their choices and can work with them to deal with their own personal conflicts.

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