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Career Opportunities for Bachelor of Business

But accounting positions are abundant.

Right now, I'm applying for a position as an advisor at a school, so opportunities are limitless with a degree in management. I've already interviewed for 2 other positions, was offered the job both times, but decided to go another route. So there's to show you that you won't necessarily get stuck. As far as being a management major, it's very flexible. You get out of it what you put into it. But you can also pursue careers in other areas as well such as human resources, purchasing, logistics, sales, etc.

I'm graduating in 2 weeks with a degree in Management.. FYI: I really wouldn't count on Finance jobs being too plentiful within the next year or so (economy). Most management majors start off as management trainees at a company and eventually move into a management position after 6 months-2 years. And right now with Team Coaching today's economy, students just have to put in some extra effort and be a little creative when it comes to finding a job.

With the economy in its present state, it's really tough for a lot of new graduates to find jobs right about now, although people who majored in accounting, nursing, and teaching aren't feeling the effects as much, if at all

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