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Bruster’s® Latest Limited-Time Ice Cream is ‘To Die For’

Bruster's Real Ice Cream, named certainly one of America's ten most popular restaurant chains in a nationwide consumer study, is actually providing its raving fans one thing to end up being able to die for this month: new Death by Chocolate. Chocolate Raspberry Truffle begins using chocolate ice cream and also combines generous levels of raspberry crinkle and chocolate flakes.



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"Mentoring Tomorrow's Leaders Today" may serve as Bruster's foundation and also business platform. You will find 200, independently owned spots in 18 states as well as the nation of Guyana. Using an all-new, four-season's prototype as well as expanded menu featuring soft-serve yogurt and smoothies, Bruster's can be expanding within selected areas of the U.S. It is situated inside suburban Pittsburgh, Pa. Celebrating its 25thanniversary, Bruster's features 150 flavors regarding handcrafted ice cream, yogurt, Italian ice and sorbet, using at least 25 made refreshing inside each as well as every shop each day. Your decadent creation is served inside fresh, homemade waffle cones, sundaes, cups and also shakes - but just for any limited time.

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New 'Death through Chocolate' features Hershey's special dark Cocoa

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April furthermore welcomes the actual return associated with Chocolate Raspberry Truffle frozen goodies for you to Bruster's rotating menu involving a minimal of 25 flavors created refreshing every day on-site. each shop's ice cream maker starts with fresh, chocolate ice cream then mixes inside best frozen goodies makers Hershey's Particular Darkish Cocoa, chocolate chunks and chocolate krispies, prior to stuffing in brownie bits.

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At Bruster's Real Ice Cream, new flavors frequently tend to be developed by franchisees. Click here regarding franchise information.

Tue Apr 8, 2014 9:16pm BST

Bruster's latest Limited-Time Frozen Goodies can be 'To Die For'

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Prices along with availability can vary greatly by simply location.

. Death simply by Chocolate originated inside Gaithersburg, Md., when manager Bob Bryant started experimenting with anything and every small thing chocolate in his shop

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