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How to Install Skype - The Easy Way

In my own first article, I want to handle a seemingly harmless topic: Skype.

Skype is simple, right? There isn't that much to it... is there? Being an IT professional, you would be amazed at the number of needs I get from different people regarding Skype: Initial installation, acquiring contacts, contact issues etc. And this isn't just for seniors often - college students have troubles too! No, Skype is not as easy because it appears, which is why I am saving my first post to how to put up and install Skype.

So - let us get to it.

Skype Account Setup and Download

To start, brain into your internet browser (i.e. Web Browser, Google Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Type "" in to the address bar and hit Enter. As you achieve their homepage, you must view a switch in the middle of the screen that says "Join". Click it, and you will reach their account sign up page. This is most likely the longest area of the entire approach - you'll have to enter your brand, email, area, state, etc. This is all exclusive; at least it can be handled by you on whether it's private or not after Skype is mounted (Knowing the Skype system will be a later article).

As you achieve the underside of the page, you will discover their "CAPTCHA", an anti spam widget that no one wants. You might have to refresh the impression several times before you discover text as possible actually read. If that isn't working, simply hit the "Hear" key (Yes, I Have done it before too) and enter the words, numbers or other things they think of. Be sure everything is spiffy and hit "I concur - Continue".

If everything moves as prepared, you ought to reach a monitor looking very similar to this one. Click on the huge green option - and you should be halfway there!

Admittedly, this really is where issues might get slightly confusing - the download stage. Different browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox) have other ways of saving the file, and also this will also adjust between systems (Windows XP, 7, 8, Mac OSX); however not significantly. I have various screenshots from three of the most popular browsers used. Individually, I am a Google Opera fan, and you should see among the reasons in an instant. I'll begin with Internet Explorer:

You must see a pub pop-up about the bottom of the screen as you click. Be sure and save the file in a place you can find it simply, one of many simplest is merely preserving it within your desktop. Iam using Windows 7 below, I'm going to be updating this with Windows 8.1 as it arises aswell.

Mozilla Firefox can be a little bit easier - hit "Save Record" then go through the file in the upper-right place of the monitor after it downloads - which will start the installation procedure.

Yes. This is the reason I enjoy Google Chrome. Exactly that simple. I wish I'd a "That was straightforward" switch from Staples. After you reach the green switch about the Skype website, you may visit a download pub slide up from the bottom of the screen. Once itis finished downloading, follow on it.

Skype Windows Installation

At this point, you must see a "User Account Handle" screen appear, and you need to click "Yes" - not "No", usually, you should have no Skype installed. Provided that you follow these guidelines, you mustn't have any difficulties with viruses or malware being installed with (or in the place of) Skype. You should begin to see the Confirmed Publisher as "Skype Technologies SA" - or even, something's wrong. Therefore, hit "Yes" and move on.

Not much to say here - hit "I agree - next."

Alright, nearly there, but a few more small boxes to uncheck on this one. If you don't want Skype changing your search engine and homepage (many do not), be sure to uncheck the boxes. From here on out, living is quite simple. After you reach continue, you ought to discover an installation progress monitor appear.Skype Mount

Now - Skype is installed! Provided that you have a webcam (whether this is a laptop or Laptop) - this willn't become a problem. For the computer I installed this on, my cam is currently in Indiana - being delivered. After it confirms that one may discover oneself, it's going to ask you to set a page photo. That is recommended, but definitely valuable and contributes a tad bit more personality to your Skype Skype IP Resolver .

When you finish these ways, the Skype program will appear. In the middle you are going to see a option that says "Search Address book"... but only when you have Facebook or use Microsoft Outlook. For whatever reason, they'ven't expanded this capability to Yahoo, Gmail, or other popular mail servers.

Anyhow, do not click this should youn't have Facebook or Perspective.

Now, Skype is mounted and ready to be used! I will steer you through making your first phone, adding contacts, and exploring the capacity of Skype in my next post. If you want help with Skype keep a comment below. If you want help with your computer, head-over to our "Contact Us" page and send an inquiry.

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