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Organic Farming


It could be time and energy to think about exactly what the words "Sustainable Agriculture" mean to you personally? We presume that the use of chemicals within our Earth's agricultural soils is constantly bring us to disease. - nematode control

From under a microscope over Two decades ago, our PhD's verified the continued use of these chemicals would one day result in a loss of crop yields plus an rise in soil disease. The same beautifully-designed chemicals which protect our plants today would eventually make our soils sterile and solidify our dependence on them. We presume that chemical agriculture will be the direct opposite of Sustainable Agriculture.

In the early 90's our group witnessed the struggles with the developing Certified Organic industry. We watched as brave Organic farmers searched to find natural alternatives within an industry that didn't embrace them. It had been in those moments that our team of, accredited and respected microbiologists decided to take the path less traveled and lend them some help.

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