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6 pack Shortcuts Review - My Review of Mike Chang's Workout

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Mike Chang's Workout - My six pack shortcuts program review

A bit about me?

I'm judo black belt that is constantly trying to find new workouts as an easy way of improving my strength and stamina for judo contests and gradings. After as a gym member for some time, i've chose to occupy home workouts instead. Surprisingly i am achieving better results, and they're keeping me more motivated to ensure success.

Monster mass
6 pack Shortcuts - My Overview

6-pack shortcuts is really a fully comprehensive help guide to shedding pounds and muscle building.

It contains a number of simple exercises which can be performed on a regular basis targeting specific muscles within the body. As the 'six pack' title suggests, there's also ab specific exercises which may be carried out after a flat tummy has been achieved.

The programme is by no means a fast fix and does require hard work and dedication as you work through a 12 week programme, 10 days weekly. The workouts:

Firstly build additional muscle

Get rid of fat

Work the 'core'

include supersets and trisets. They trick the muscles into working harder, in less time.

Nutritional facts are yet another bonus with this programme. This is a completely natural approach, without resorting to weight loss supplements or expensive supplements.

Because the guide comes in video format, it is similar to getting the personal trainer in the home. This serves to boost technique quickly, to make the workout an infinitely more enjoyable experience. However, ladies my workouts on DVD for convenience. Just a small criticism!

If you choose to occupy the six pack programme, i am confident you will notice good success, but only if you're working hard and stay with this system. You ought to achieve increased muscle mass, improved stamina, and much less extra fat. However, these are only the physical benefits. Your self confidence and levels also needs to improve,

If you're short on time, like myself, to do the 6 pack shortcuts program in your own home, without making use of expensive gym membership, i would recommend sometimes some dumbbells, barbell, and bench. Pull-up equipment is very beneficial. I've my very own bar in your own home (involved a while to fit though, need to improve my DIY skills).

I chose to buy the 6-pack Shortcuts program after much debate. In a nutshell (pardon the pun!) I will be delighted with all the product up to now. I know that there are some very good free videos on You Tube by Mike Chang that i used for some time before I finally bit the bullet and purchased Six Pack Shortcuts. It is a very good starting place, however, minus the programme i lacked a consistent approach and routine that we will have following 6 pack shortcuts. Hopefully it will give you the drive to achieve success. It worked for me. Plus the strength training, body resistance and pull-up drills, furthermore, i really enjoyed the cardio elements. It was seeing the M100s that got me into this workout programme to begin with. Yes you can really push yourself to the brink in 5 minutes. I used to be in a pool of sweat.

Six pack shortcuts is more comprehensive and informative when compared with other similar home workouts on the net which I have previously tested. The extra support from Mike Chang and his support team can also be very good.

I personally like the combination between activities and nutritional information that Mike Chang reveals within the 6 pack shortcuts main guide but the 8 weeks money-back guarantee from Mike Chang is really a fair offer that may allow anyone to try this program risk free.

I don't believe that the 6 pack Shortcuts workout is a 'shortcut' therefore, like other reviews may claim on the web. It requires effort and dedication, however at this point over time I will be satisfied with my results. I believe that with the proper approach it's possible for most people with a great commitment to see significant leads to a significant short amount of time. The point is, using the fall back of the 100% money-back guarantee I don't think that there is everything to lose. We have achieved good muscle gain, improved stamina, that i'm well on the way to success using this programme. Functioning on the abs! My main weakness is sticking with the eating healthily.

My final suggestion is always to weight loss pills with pure whey protein shakes following the weights and recovery formula following the cardio elements, for any intensive home or gym workout. Stretching and time to recover can be very important and can be easily overlooked. Lest just say we have learnt my lesson the difficult way.

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