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Duramax Sheds Woodbridge Vinyl Shed Series: Knowing Exactly why It’s a Must-Have

It is definitely helpful to install a shed when you have a spacious yard. Aside from giving you a working space, you can even use it to arrange all your gardening tools. Go to our Storage Shed Reviews channel if you desire to have additional information regarding Duramax sheds and other brands. Needless to say, the ideal choice is a low maintenance shed which is durable and visually beautiful as well. Be assured that you will be able to determine which shed should meet all your storage needs as we have done the research for you in our new shed review channel on YouTube. Simply search under duramax reviews.

In case you don’t know, the term Duramax comes from the phrase “maximum durability”. Among the countless product lines from Duramax sheds, the Woodbridge vinyl shed is probably the most popular. The reason why Woodbridge sheds have been getting a lot of attention nowadays is simply because they are made from vinyl. This material is so resilient that it should last for years. When compared to the shed that is made from plastic or wood, a Woodbridge shed is protected and is much more resistant against cracks, warping, discolorations, chipping, and even termite infestation.

As regards to assembly you don't have to worry because the components of Duramax sheds are simple to install. The installation of the shed can be done in one afternoon by two people its that simple. All of the materials are obtainable, and ready for assembly. If you'd like to complete the installation faster, then consider availing the special optional foundation kit. The vinyl panels are drilled for handy diy. When the floor kit is squared and leveled, you just need to build the rest of the shed parts above it. Most of all, this Woodbridge shed is maintenance-free, which means that you don't need to fret about repainting or sanding like a old wooden shed.

If you would like to make use of Duramax sheds as a hobby room, playroom, or as a workspace, you might want to add windows. Although the standard Woodbridge shed package already has one skylight and ventilation kit, it can take 3 skylignts in total and it's still best to add windows while constructing the shed. The windows are very easy to slide in, they can be set up in the same manner you installed the panels. You can also accessorize your shed with duramax wall mounted items as well.

With regards to stability the shed will remain standing even if a load of snow that weighs 20 lbs/sq ft is covering its roof which is the actual rating for these sheds and when anchored correctly, then your shed will be able to withstand  hurricane winds that in the region of 115 miles per hour. In fact, the Woodbridge vinyl shed has undergone a number of advanced tests to make sure that it can withstand even the worst weather conditions simolar to all Duramax sheds. Unlike plastics and woods, most duramax shed are fire retardant and have received a certification from the California Fire Marshall.

As for size the dimension of the Woodbridge shed is perfect since it is neither too big nor too small. It stands 10.5 feet wide and you can quickly adjust its depths between 8’, 10’, and 13’. One of the fantastic things concerning this shed is its flexibility. You can enhance the shed’s depth by 2.5’ if you purchase the extension kits. Almost all wooden and metal sheds don't have this feature. With this, you can easily increase your storage area anytime you want. Furthermore, placing bulk pbjects inside the shed is easy. This is mainly because Duramax sheds have 5’ wide double doors. Rest assured that you can easily place small mowers and tractors inside the shed.

Based on the US Green Building council, vinyl is an eco-friendly material which makes Duramax sheds the best option if you want to help preserve the surroundings. In the event you don’t know duramax sheds are made in California and don't need to come from China unlike many other cheaper brands. This shed doesn’t require any upkeep meaning you don’t need to purchase paints or cleaning materials, and it can last 2 or 3 decades in normal circumstances. If you'd like to have a resilient and functional shed that will still look in ten years time, then you've just found it. Duramax sheds combined functionality and looks, making it a safe bet for your home.

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