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Diving, Whale Watching and Backpacking - The Bohol Way

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Experience Bohol in 3 ways. An exotic beauty where one can dive, whale watch and also just enjoy making the rounds by backpacking.

There are tons of great dive sites in Bohol. Typically the most popular and thought to be the best is the Balicasag Island. Some say it's shaped is circular and flat while some voice it out is crab-shaped. Lined with palms and pristine sand beach, its waters are the most useful location for black coral bushes and cathedral-like caves. Divers love its crevices, overhangs and steep walls. Schools of barracudas, jackfish and mackerel are located here. Large green turtles and gray reef shark are also seen within this island.

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Inside the southern part of Bohol may be the Panglao Island. The currents listed below are deep and robust. Most diving sites listed below are perfect for macro photography because of the many colors of hard coral. Its reef platform is shallow and canopied with hard and soft corals. Maui can be perfect for drift diving.

Cabilao Island may be the favorite hangout of hammerhead sharks. A lot awaited encounter with seahorses, stargazers and pegasus is a superb night dive experience.

Pamilacan Island will be the farthest dive site in Bohol. It is noted for big whale sharks, mantas and the rarest along with priciest Conus Gloria Maris seashell. Additionally, it houses a colony of white and black banded sea snakes. Nevertheless the main tourist attraction the following is whale and dolphin watching. Is always that you need to do whale watching throughout the months of March to June because the waters as calm and clear as the dolphins love strong currents. Both animals are best seen not after 8 in the morning. Melon-headed whale, giant sperm whale, pygmy killer whale, bottlenose dolphin and spinner dolphins some of those that inhabit the waters of Pamilacan.

Since diving and whale watching is finished, try making the rounds some scenic sites in Bohol. The famous one is the Chocolate Hills. According to the locals, it is named as such because as they observed during dry season it becomes brown like chocolates. There are 1268 perfectly cone-shaped hills here and also the height ranges from 30-50 meters. April and could are the best months to see these spectacular hills as well as the best time to trek it too.

Other tourist spots to see are the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. Tarsier is definitely the smallest primate on the planet at 4-5 inches only. While you are within the mood of visiting sanctuaries, take a look at the Butterfly Sanctuary. It houses diverse collections of butterflies, of most colors and sizes.

Lastly, a taste in history. Head to Bohol Blood Compact Site in Tagbilaran. It's an important event between Rajah Sikatuna and the Spanish explorer, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, where peace is made by drinking a variety of their particular blood and wine.

Reported by users, once you've seen Bohol, you'll never leave it. Mark your calendar and commence exploring Bohol.

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