Induction cooking

Shopping for a new induction cooktop? Walking around the supermarrkets, megamalls as well as electronic centres, you will be dizzy and confused toward various kinds of induction cooktops for your family members especially for your children. Surely, when choosing an induction cooktop for your family, you should consider carefully three initial criteria: High energy efficient, safety, and ease of use.


1. High energy efficient


Due to the working principle of induction cooktop, whereas other electric burners heat food indirectly by applying an open flame or a hot surface to the bottom of cookware, induction cocktop deploys electromagnetism to skip the middleman and heat the cookware itself. Let’t take a comparision, if you use 100 percent of the energy to heat food; with a gas stove, only 40 percent of the generated heat ends up cooking the food. The other 60 percent is wasted; with an electric burner, 52 percent is used usefuly, the last 48 percent is wasted; an induction cocktop, however, whereas with an induction cocktop, 84 percent of the energy is more energy efficient with more than 84 percent is applied effectively. This result provides people with more ability of energy efficiency that help them decrease energy bill right away, which inturn usually leads to less money they have to shell out each month on their bill.Induction cocktop can be more expensive upfront investment, but over the course of its life, the energy savings can pay you back the extra money spent and more.


2. Safety


Safety is an important factor when it may take influence on your health. As the author has mentioned above, the induction cooktop provides heat without any open flames. The cooktop only gets hot on the surface where the pan is heating, while any other part of the surface can still remains cool. Recently, the engineers have strenghthened the safety of induction cooktop by the equipment of Safety Lock Key, which allows the device to shuts down if there is not pot present or not large enough. This design especially saves children who may accidently touch the cooktop.


3. Ease of use


Another benefit in using an induction cooktop is its ease of installation and convinience. It is very easy to install and use an Induction Cooktop. Firstly, most of the Cooktops requires a small space for their use. Secondly, the recently models is equiped an on/off switch and adjust for the power levels and temperature levels, helping prepare delicous meals.

It is no doubt that Induction Cooktop is more and more becoming a close friend with housewife. This special friend help woman more confident in preparing food, bringing fond memory of happy dinners.

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