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Survival Tabs Food For The Future - 15 Day Survival Food Supply - 10+ Year Shelf Life (180 Tabs - Strawberry)


Survival tabs long term food storage MRE
Survival Tabs Food for the Future

Survival Tabs will be the perfect sustainable food for emergency situations. Compact and simply portable, these nutrient-dense tablets contain 100% of the recommended daily requirements for vitamins and minerals. One chewable tablet is a meal ready to eat in the event other meals are unavailable. The Survival Tabs are an ideal emergency supply for natural disasters along with a backup food supply for activities for example hiking, traveling, and camping.

Survival tabs long term food storage MRE
The disaster preparedness and response agencies from the government highly recommend which everybody collects and stores emergency supplies in the event of an all-natural disaster. The Centers for disease control and Prevention shows that the earthquake emergency food and supply kit contains a few days valuation on food and water in addition to first-aid supplies and essential tools.

Although Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that these disaster survival kits they fit in your own home, at the office, as well as in the car, not many people keep a crisis food supply in a vehicle or at the job. Survival Tabs make it simple to follow these disaster preparedness suggestions. The Survival Tabs could be saved in the glove box and a desk drawer at work for easy access in case there is an urgent situation out of the house.

Made for use by NASA for optimal nutrition in compact form, the Survival Tabs happen to be utilized by professional athletes for maintaining their ideal weight without having to sacrifice performance. Each container of The Survival Tabs is a 15-day food ration supply. They contain all the necessary nutritional supplements including a vitamin, zinc, manganese, vitamin D, e vitamin, iron, vitamin b folic acid, and essential B vitamins. These nutrients are easily absorbed and employed by our bodies. These tablets are manufactured with all the best quality ingredients in the United states of america.

Since the tablets contain complete nutrition for any meal replacement, they often times are employed by individuals who require a proper meal replacement. Long-distance drivers, cyclists, outdoorsman, hunters, firemen, pilots, and yachtsmen use Survival Tabs when missing a meal for convenience or by necessity.

These chewable tablets can be used by individuals of all ages once they can be chewed or allowed to dissolve in the mouth. Families should include Survival Tabs in their earthquake emergency food and supply kit for times when meals are scarce. Survival Tabs can be used a nutrition source exclusively during a natural disaster or alternating with food to extend a limited food supply.

Since Survival Tabs are chewable, they may be used when clean water is not available. Several tablet can be taken daily to support optimal health and healing in case of injury. In times of a devastating flood, tornado, hurricane, winter storm, or earthquake, government assistance can be inefficient and slow. Keeping bottles from the Survival Tabs inside your emergency kit provides for you personally and your loved ones throughout a crisis.

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