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Sep 11, 2014-China-Permanent magnet such as motor magnetics inc is a term always seen by us in our lives. Today we are going to take a look at several things related such materials in case you need them.

To understand more clearly about permanent magnet, it is essential to have a look at its definition. As we can see from its literal meaning, permanent magnet is something maintains its magnetism for a long time without applied magnetic field. According to different raw materials, magnetism of permanent magnets can be maintained for different time period with 10 years as an average number. Some materials with magnetism such as Fe and Nickel (Ni) can be used for producing permanent magnets.


Permanent magnets are generally classified by their materials, and there are mainly fours kinds of them.

Sintered NdFeB Permanent Magnet

Shuttering system is a kind of permanent magnet producing by Powder Metallurgy technology. The master operation of NdFeB production includes formulating, smelting, powder processing, forming orientation, agglomerating, machining operation and plating treatment, etc. The oxygen monitoring index is important for the measurement of technology level.

SmCo Permanent Magnet

SmCo magnet is composed of Samarium, Cobalt, and a few transition metals.It is with high performance, low temperature coefficient rare earth permanent magnets, and could keep their performance under the maximum working temperature 350 degree centigrade.
Samarium, Cobalt, and a few transition metals will be made into the SmCo powder then fine SmCo powder will be compacted in a die and sintered, fusing the powder into a solid material. There are 2 forms of pressing: die pressing and isostatic pressing. Sintered parts normally need some finish machining in order to meet final tolerances.

lNiCo Permanent Magnet

AlNiCo magnets are composed of Aluminum, Nickel,Cobalt, and a few transition metals. They have excellent temperature stability, high residual induction, and relatively high energies. AlNiCo magnets may be manufactured in complex shapes, such as horseshoes, not possible with other magnet materials. They represent the most versatile magnets available.
Ferrite permanent magnet

Ferrite magnets are made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 by ceramic processing technology. Ferrite magnets are very hard and brittle, and require specialized machining techniques. Moreover, they should be machined in an unmagnetized state. Due to their low cost, Ferrite magnets enjoy a very wide range of applications, from motors and loudspeakers to toys and crafts, and are the most widely used permanent magnets today.

Bonded NdFeB Permanent Magnet

Bonded ndfeb magnets are composed of a special form of NdFeB powder with a plastic carrier material. They have lower energy product than Sintered NdFeB magnets. Very complicate shapes can be produced in Bonded NdFeB magnets with very close dimensions.

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