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Our very own consciousness has lots of functions which have been inactive however they might be come to life. One of them is the ability to go out with lucidity from the body and make astral projection. Every single human being has numerous skills that they might be learned. Would you like to enjoy your sleeping time to learn, to develop your mind and spirit? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

We live in a multidimensional world although we can´t see all them. People who are more sensitive are able to perceive some metaphysical phenomena from these “occult” places. Some animals, for example, a cat can see other superior dimensions of nature and some insects can perceive only one or two dimensions.

Astral Projection

The simple fact of not seeing all dimensions doesn´t indicates that they do not really are present and so they do not affect us all. Astral projection is a process which allow you go in another world with awareness. This particular world is referred to as astral plane or 5th dimension.

You can find those people who are fearful of astral travel and the source of this really is lack of information. Every single day we do this, nonetheless with no awareness. With the right methods and practicing the very simple exercises everyone can undertake it.

Each of our dreams occur in the astral dimension. Astral travel likewise occur in this plane. The only distinction between these is consciousness. In the very first we're percipient, in the 2nd we are not. Learn astral project is turn to aware what we do unconscious. The gateway of astral exploration opens up when we learn astral projection.

Regrettably, we have been normally not aware of these processes and we are not aware enough of remaining there. Therefore, mostly we wander through that dimension with asleep awareness, carrying out the same activities and behaving as we do in daily life. Then occurs what we call dreams.

Astral projection or astral travel signifies that we move in the astral dimension as you desire. Once we are able to abandon our physical body at will and enter in the astral dimension consciously, we are able learn directly from the source. Astral world is the place where great teachers or masters are. These teachers are commonly called angels or highly evolved beings.

Believe or not believe does not matter. The important is trying out, proving. If we really would like to know what exactly is beyond the physical world, what is invisible from your senses, we need to learn how to astral project. Some people can have a natural capability to astral project, however the greater part of people have to practice to develop this ability.

Astral projection is available to anyone. In the video bellow you can request a Free Book which covers astral projection theme and give effective techniques to practice and get your own proof of this reality. Beyond you will receive information of many climate and earth changes that are going to happen in the next years.

Astral projection or astral travel has been an essential method of obtaining information over history. Great masters, ancient philosophers, esotericists, sages and wise people of any age and civilizations used to discover in the astral dimension whilst their physical bodies were sleeping in bed.

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