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Women Leaders Of The Technology World

Tech remains a male dominated industry. According to a Washington post, only 18 percent of all engineering and computer science degrees go to women yearly. While tech companies have women in most other positions including finance and marketing, there aren’t very many in programming and similar positions.

This is unsurprising considering that women account for about 40 percent of all MBA graduates. A report by Catalyst, a not-for profit organization focused on the advancement of women, found that among MBA graduates, few women than men chose to pursue tech-intensive fields. And the few who ever got into tech would often start out in lower paying jobs and were highly likely to leave the industry in a shorter time with a combined 53% having quit their tech jobs between 2007 and 2014 in Asia, U.S.A., Canada, and Europe. You more than likely more information to learn about Women leaders of the tech world, and that’s fine – you can get it at Joanna Shields

Women who have defied the odds

Fortunately, not all women are intimidated by tech. Here are 5 women leaders of the tech world who seem to enjoy mixing up with the men in handling computers and other tech devices.

1. Arianna Huffington – President and Editor in Chief, the Huffington Post

Everyone knows the Huffington Post. Consequently, we all know Arianna. The Greek-American author was voted the 12th Most Influential Women in Media. A self made tech-pro, Arianna believes that women can make it in tech. She encourages young women aspiring to become leaders in the tech industry to keep their heads up while climbing up the ladder saying, “Don’t be afraid of a fall. Keep working hard and your performance will improve.”

2. Raji Arasu – CTO, StubHub

Arasu knows nothing but hard work. “Be the best at what you do,” she says. “Striving to be the best leader in tech gives me the strength to work even harder.” The StubHub CTO attributes part of her success to embracing change. By seeking out different opinions and listening to honest feedback, she has been able to improve one step after another.

3. Rebecca Jacoby – Senior VP and CIO, CISCO

Rebecca is an admirable character, with a smiley face and an ear to listen. She is happy to be a role model and has always felt that women aren’t doing enough to stake a claim in the tech world. “You need a strong sense of self,” she says. “As a leader, you will never grow until you have self awareness - You need introspection.”

4. Joanna Shields

Joanna “Lady” Shields is an accomplished tech professional, an entrepreneur and a business investor. Born 12 July 1962, the Anglo-American has walked the red carpet for a long time, wining and dining with the mighty. A British parliamentarian who sits on the Conservative benches following an invitation by PM David Cameron, Joanna Shields is also the Chief Digital Advisor to the Prime Minister, a Non-Executive at the London Stock Exchange Group, and a former chair of Tech City.

5. Kathryn Parsons – Founder and CEO, Decoded

Some have called her the complete woman. With an onsite super-foodie chef, Kathryn, a 32 year old founder of the Decoded digital tech school is a woman every tech-aspiring woman should be looking up to. She believes in creativity saying, “Wellbeing and creativity are two fundamental parts of a successful business.”


There are several other women doing extremely well in tech but these five have definitely earned a place on this list.

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