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Dating Over 40 - For ladies, Dating is an Ageless Activity

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Recently, I spoke to varsity women about dating with the Women's Image Conference at Sacred Heart University in CT. Being previously out of college for "some years," I wasn't sure what this generation would want to know. To organize, I talked by incorporating women in their 20's, currently attending school.

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How surprised was I to find out that things aren't that different from the issues I talk to women 35+. Here's what younger people says or really wants to know about finding a loving relationship:

Many are putting off dating to spotlight getting good grades and finishing school

A couple of said dating was a lot like a bad shopping trip

The answer to many dating dilemmas is basic common sense

Strategies to turn guy friends into boyfriends
With the answers to these questions and concerns, I came up with a well-received presentation, which I'll highlight here:

Defer Dating Until an Ideal Future Time
For starters, while it sounds like recommended that you put off looking for love while getting settled in life, a good deal depends on how long that settling process takes. Postponing the search for a life mate becomes problematic once you start to realize there will not be a truly convenient time for it to look. The next project, promotion, or new client will always require your attention. There is a great quote about putting work first as well as your life on hold that states, "No one ever put 'Wish I worked more' on his or her grave stone." Good point.

There is no better time compared to the present to give your self confidence and search for love the attention it deserves. When i often remind my clients - the most recognized priority in life is you! Pry yourself out from the "work is more important" rut and get out there to find the thank you deserve. This is useful advice for any age.

Dating is growing rapidly Like a Bad Shopping Trip
This can be true once you aren't clear by what you want in a partner. Without a list of qualities that describe your ideal partner - start one right now! Knowing the personality characteristics that can mesh with you and particular qualities helps you eliminate prospects that won't suit you. And will also help you take a second consider a possible suitor, who might have escaped your attention otherwise.

Rely on Common Sense to Handle Issues
These 20 yr old women shocked the stuffing away from me when they explained with straight faces that many of dating boiled down to common sense. Who were these girls and who brought them approximately be so incredibly smart? I understand plenty of women over twice their age who are still trying to figure out what their males are doing. Forget figuring it out - use common sense instead. If he's treating you poorly, not keeping promises, not around much, or inconsistent, then wake up and smell the coffee. Stop making excuses for inappropriate behavior.

Converting Friends into Romantic Partners
Lastly, while there isn't any hard/fast rules about male friends, the likelihood that they can be changed into boyfriend status is very slim. If you've been friends for a while and find romantic feelings sprouting, see a lesser amount of your buddy and go out to meet new people. People often count on opposite sex friends as alternative to lack of a romantic interest. That is not a bad thing, but it can be a crutch if you're avoiding getting a romantic relationship.

Generally, if your man has romantic interest, he'll do something about it. If he hasn't designed a move, he probably won't. And, the longer you're friends, the bigger the chance of ruining the relationship you already possess. Either way, these men aren't prone to shift gears, so begin find someone who does not have confusing friendship baggage together with you.

In the end, whether you are 20 something, or 60 something, the dating process is surprisingly similar. Wear something fabulous to improve your confidence, put on a smile and get around to find the love you want and deserve.

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