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We take identity theft seriously but our banks are dragging their feet Money

We take identity theft seriously, but our banks are pulling their feet Cash

Credit card holders should be really alert about fraud on accounts they no more use. Cash has learnt of several recent instances where banks have continued to send cards and Personal Identification Numbers even after being told the card holder has proceeded.

Mike Addelman and his spouse Sarah contacted money the other day after spending three years attempting to prevent MBNA delivering them mail meant for the prior occupant. They came back more than 50 envelopes to the banking saying on them the account holder was no longer in the address. We additionally received blank credit card cheques, two bank cards and, in another mailing, the account-holder Personal Identification Number having a letter saying a fresh credit limit of 15,000 had been given. We believe this really is appalling and displays that they aren't taking the protection of the clients seriously. This time the reader was sent six credit card statements, a credit card and a personal identification number. Barclaycard apologised and sent the reader 25 in compensation but cannot describe why no one had acted on the reader's calls.

Another reader e-mailed to say he'd settled his credit card account and after that transferred house, oblivious that the new credit card was delivered to his old tackle and later used to create fraudulent trades. The credit card business passed the debt to a debt-collection agency, which will be now pursuing him for payment.

Amounts in the Association for Payment Clearing Services Apacs present fraud losses for 'email non-receipt' - where a card never reaches its receiver - had increased by over 60 60 percent from 45m in 2003 to 72m in 2004, the year when most chip-and-pin cards were issued. The most recent data, nevertheless, reveal this dropping to 40m a year ago.

According to credit reference agency Experian, nearly half of all identity theft occurs in an earlier address.

An account that hasn't been used for a few time is usually declared inactive with a card issuer, however there isn't any set time limit where this must be achieved. Halifax, as an example, states if an account was not employed for 1 2 months prior to the banking reissuing a card it'll create to the cardholder and request the if they need the new card. Barclaycard, however, employed to manage a 'three-year rule' when deciding whether an account was inactive or not. It's since changed this therefore that cards issued from Oct 2004 will become inactive if there isn't any action to them for 21 months.

Apacs is additionally warning cardholders to be extra vigilant about assessing the statements they do obtain. Although official figures for the initial half of the year will not be accessible until the following month month, it states early signs are that fraud at ATMs is increasing, after having dropped by 1 2 percent for the very first time a year ago.

Common types of identity theft protection -

Sainsbury's Bank declared last week that it's to invest 3.5m on protection around its 885 money devices after concerns about rising amounts of fraud in this region.

The best way to fight backWhat you have to do in the event that you receive monetary place to get a previous occupant?

In the event do not have any chance there, attempt the client relations manager.

The FOS would be unable to go on as an official charge because it's not your account, but it's has received some success before when it's made intimate contact with credit card firms over this issue.

Beneath the Regulation of Investigatory powers Act 2000 it's an offence to open, destroy, conceal or delay any post which is addressed to another person, even knowing it has been wrongly delivered.

What you need to do to safeguard yourself against fraud?

Cutting up a card or placing it in a drawer does not turn off the credit facility.

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