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How To Make aSmall Garden StickOut

Garden ideas for small gardens
The mental picture most of us have of a garden is of an open, sunny space stuffed with natural beauty. However, some gardeners find themselves with only a small amount of land to work with. If you are in this situation, it is important to keep in mind that a small garden can be an incredibly beautiful retreat from the outside world.

Garden planning ideas

Carefully selecting where in the garden you install the focus point is an important part of your planning. View the space that you have objectively. Your goal is to identify the best spot for your main point of interest. This can be any number of different things, including a tree, a foundation or a sculpture. The key is to find a balance between using an item that will draw positive attention but will not make everything else in your garden seem irrelevant.

Make use of different sized containers in the garden area. It makes sense to distribute containers throughout a small space. Containers can easily add a height dimension to your garden and they are a perfect way to try out new plants without having to disrupt your other plantings. Confining a new plant to a container makes it easy to get rid of if it doesn't do well. Addint a number of containers to your small garden design allows you to change the look of your space anytime you wish. Other options containers afford are the ability to provide special plants their own special soil and fertilizer to thrive and to move the containers around your garden area to create a new look at will.

One school of thought for small gardens is to keep the number of plants to a minimum to create a spare and uncomplicated space. However, this is actually the wrong way to think about things. I believe in the theory that the more the better as long as they compliment each other. As I said earlier, using containers and even plants with different height will make your small garden look that much bigger because the eyes have more places to look. Selecting plant with different textures, different sizes of leaves, and complimentary colors are other good ways to develop a lot of interest in a small space.

While it is important that your plants stand out from each other in certain ways, there is one very important detail that should be the same. Stick with just one color in your garden. Decide on a base color you like and that is going to look good in your garden. Then make your plant choices all in the same color family. Putting a lot of different colors into a small garden can make it appear to be smaller than it actually is.

Although you might be concerned after initially viewing your small garden space, there are a lot of things that you can do to maximize the area that you have. Hopefully these few ideas have sparked your creative juices to create a dream garden.

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