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Wireless presenter
March 25, 2015-America-Wireless presenter which is also known as the RC Laser pointer is designed for the computer and multimedia projector. Nowadays, this product such as the high quality vesine from famous supplier has been widely applied in the daily teaching process.

In addition to traditional laser pointer mapping function, this product could also easily achieve the electronic documents and casual flip by remotely controlling the computer or multimedia projector. The famous wireless presenter online seller also said that the main files for this product��s application should be PPT, EXC and WORD.

The wireless presenters are mainly composed of the RF remote controller and the RF receiver. The RF remoter has the built-in RF radio frequency transmitter. When it is in the process if using, people should only insert the receiver into the computer USB interface without having to install any driving software. Users should simply click on the RF remote controller and then the receiver could be easily manipulated. In addition, the controller does not need to align to the transmitter and it is the truly freedom wireless controlling.

The wireless presenter could help each user completely liberate from the side of the computer and other devices. Users do not have to always keep in the front of the computer. When the users are in the process of e-learning, presentations and reports speak and they need to do remarking for some key elements, users just need to touch the laser button on thus device and then the laser could map the key text on the screen. In addition, the user can also just gently press the relevant function button, then people could easily turn the electronic document.

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