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Vietnam Weather

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is a few 1600km which gives some indicator of the country's size. Consequently the more here weather in Vietnam varies in accordance with weather areas that are unique. As a result of local environment variations you will find no-good or poor months to go to Vietnam. While one environment sector is freezing and wet another is comfortable and dry.

For this conclusion of Vietnam's purpose climate we’ll think about the state as three areas that are distinct:

North Vietnam Weather

The North of Vietnam activities awesome, moist winters between November and April. The summertime weeks from May to Oct are dry and hot.

A pleasing time for you to visit is springtime (March-May) or autumn (Oct-Dec). You will find extremes within the Highlands as ideal sometimes drops within the winter while the summertime can easily see up temperatures around 40ºC. There's the chance of typhoons between November and July. [Discover Weather ]

When to-Go?

When it humid, local plumber is from November to November. The elements spins wet and rather chilly in January and also this remains until March. The humidity there’s a threat of flooding and may verify oppressive from May towards the start of October.

South Weather

The South of Vietnam features a tropical climate with hot, moist problems which makes sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh Location quite exhausting for much of the year. With July to September joining the greatest rainfall stats, the damp year is from May to December. November to April is commonly hardly wet. Conditions common around 25-30°C all year round to May with all the coolest & most moist period in the end of Feb. [View Ho Chi Minh City Weather]

When to-Go?

Dec to May is the better time for you to visit with the south of Vietnam. You'll find brief downpours throughout the wet period from May to November but they often simply last a short while to help you however like a visit over these weeks (just opt for meal whenever you seethe black clouds developing). Severe flooding can be experienced by the Delta during this period building journey very difficult.

Central Vietnam Weather

The Main Section Of Vietnam encounters anything in-between the current weather styles of south and the northern using the rainy season in summer. The main coastline location is usually soaked from December to March and quite dry to July from May. Highland places may experience problems that are snowy in winter. There is the likelihood of typhoons between July and December.

When to-Go?

December to March is a great time when situations usually are dry and neat, for you to look at the Central Highlands. We visited the region in late November once the weather was beautiful with pleasant evenings, hot nights and fine. Even as we headed north towards An, we had a couple of light showers. Across the central coast there is a stormy period from December to March. August to April is commonly warm and really dry.


If you’re planning for a trip voyage vietnam avis to cover Vietnam all local plumber to go to is from November from March or to Dec to April.

What to see and do

Stream markets

The river areas to the Delta are an sight. Life here is focused from the mighty Mekong and far of the grain plant in Vietnam is expand, along with the flying markets continue to be a vital a part of existence while in the south. Get fully up early to have Could Tho flying industry at its finest. Many which have viewed better times, many wooden ships, hold vegetables and the finest fruit. Through them reading the wares smaller ships weave and the morning atmosphere is filled up with the sound of good natured haggling overprice..

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