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Official side of WOW publish new system- virtual ticket system

Official side of WOW publish new system- virtual ticket system

March 31, 2015-America-The Official website of WOW recently announced a new feature of their game which is the virtual ticket system. After the published of this function, most of this game��s have different opinions about this. Although buying gold on wow exchanging playing time cards in the game is nothing new, after all, this has never been officially recognized by official side of WOW before the publishing of the virtual ticket system. This new function already aroused the attention of a variety of players.  WOW Gold Usa

By the survey from the famous wow gold cheap, there are still 30 % of WOW players in the game which have not bought playing time card by cheap WOW gold. However, half of those players who use gold to purchase the playing time card had experience the cheated situation. However, buying card by the wow cold should be still the action of the minority of players. But, there are more than 77% of whole wow players agree with this new function.

According to players�� feedback, the main problem is that most of those players do not understand the official operation of virtual coupon system and then this problem already created a lot of misunderstanding. Most of the players use wrong way to understand the operation which is Gold �C online mall-virtual coupons.

In fact, the correct for using the virtual vouchers way us that war net counts- online mall -Virtual Voucher - auction- gold or gold �C auction- Virtual Voucher- Game time. The contact between the official side and players should be the direct exchange between the card and virtual coupons. The exchanging principles between the coupons and virtual cheap wow gold have been entirely controlled by all of those players. Among them, the official will control the limited price for the virtual ticket in the auction mall.


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