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Why did I select HostGator?

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I chose HostGator because of their excellent reputation and huge discounts; I saw that numerous people used them and appeared to be happy with their services. In addition, it helped when I saw HostGator reviews that consistently ranked them as having the best customer service in the market. I was a little leery due to their low prices, but I figured those people online couldn't be wrong.

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HostGator Review

I signed up for the Baby Plan; this plan of action allows you to host unlimited domains without having to pay an extra fee. I like the fact that I can build more websites without having to worry about expansion costs; other hosting services charge you more money when you add additional sites. At approximately six dollars monthly, I could host as numerous domains as I wanted.

In addition they give you unlimited space and knowledge transfer; other web hosting companies limit these and charge you when you go over a specified amount. Before, I have been surprised by other serves with unexpected charges on my small bill that I didn't particularly take care of. I have not had this problem with HostGator.

Good Customer support

HostGator is known for their exceptional customer service. If you host a web site with them, you can contact them through the phone, live chat and email. I've only used the live chat option; the service was top-notch. I needed a customer service representative taking care of my problem in lower than five minutes. I had somehow messed up the permalinks in my blog; the client service representative got me up and running in less than 15 minutes.

HostGator caused it to be really simple to set up my blog; they feature one click CMS installs. Once you log into cPanel, you can click on the WordPress icon to have the installation done automatically. You don't need to worry about setting up WordPress from scratch; other website hosting services make the process a lot harder. After your CMS is installed, they instantly mail you your login and password; it's very simple.

Problems With WordPress

If you build your websites too large and install way too many WordPress plugins, you could experience problems with HostGator. When these web sites get too large they'll cause the Apache system to crash and therefore your website will temporarily drop. You would then have to call customer care and have Apache restarted. It does not happen too often, keep this in mind and check out not to install too many WordPress plugins so that you don't have these issues.

Backing up Files

HostGator automatically supports all of your files for free. If your site ever gets ruined or hacked, they can restore it for you. I still recommend backing your website up manually, however they give you an extra layer of security by doing automatic backups and storing them for you. They also allow you to create unlimited emails to your domains; it's pretty nice to be able to set up emails once you need them.

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