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10 Maintenance Tips For Polished Concrete

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There are numerous of flooring options nowadays. However, polished concrete has emerged to become one of the most popular options as it offers a number of benefits over other flooring types including low maintenance, durability, better indoor air quality and low noise. Other sorts of floor such as vinyl require stripping and waxing regularly that makes maintenance costly.

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While it's true that polished concrete costs minimal in terms of maintenance among various flooring options, you can find regular maintenance can significantly enhance the lifespan of the polished floor. This is a small list of some successful maintenance tips for maintaining durability and gloss of the concrete floor.

1. You should remove the dirt particles from your floor. Even though concrete surface looks completely clean and smooth, the dust particles function as an abrasive and can slowly remove the polish on top. Therefore, it is recommended to use microfiber pads for taking out the dirt particles otherwise these particles can ruin the shine of the concrete floor.

2. It is important to use clean water and clean mops during wet wash of the floor. This will make certain that dirt in the cleaning water doesn't act as an abrasive agent and ruin the polish on the ground.

3. It is recommended to mix a neutral floor cleaner within the water during wet mopping of the concrete floor in high-traffic areas. Usually, those areas with heavy traffic also attract high amount of dirt meaning that the probability of dirt particles sticking to the floor and in the role of an abrasive agent is very high. The floor cleaning agent will help in getting gone all the dirt particles in the cleaning water easily.

4. Any spills and stains on the ground should be cleaned as quickly as possible to ensure that these aren't getting absorbed into the floor. Also, while cleaning such spills and stains, you should use a cleaner.

5. It is recommended always use neutral cleaning materials for cleaning concrete floors. Any soap that includes beaches, ammonia or vinegar just isn't good for the life of concrete floors.

6. An extremely soft bristle brush should be used with auto scrubbers otherwise it could lead to degradation with the gloss and shine with the floor.

7. It's also recommended to not apply wax towards the floor as it increases the maintenance.

8. It ought to be cleaned on a regular basis to make sure that the dirt particles do not stick to the surface and turn into a big problem.

9. Repolishing from the floor should be done every two years and have a traffic areas.

10. There are a variety of concrete floor friendly maintenance products available in the market that not only clean the floors but additionally harden it. They're known as conditioners because these contain various compounds including calcium and silicates offering increased protection against abrasive dirt particles.

Overall, polished concrete doesn't need too much maintenance as it has a very tough exterior. However, it is recommended follow the above mentioned in test to ensure that the floor retains its polished look for many years to come.

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