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Various Benefits Of Stained Concrete

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Decorative concrete has turned into a very popular choice for homeowners as well as commercial spaces. This flooring option offers nice looking floors at a decent price with out sacrificing durability, ease of maintenance and flexibility. There was a time when people did not have much choice in terms of colors, kinds of stains and other stuff that would have made their floor fantastic.

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However, these days there are several unique colors and stains giving the floors a really unique look. Here are some of the other advantages of choosing stained concrete flooring in industrial, commercial and residential properties.

Highly Durable

Concrete is extremely durable. It has a very high compressive strength and can withstand pressures of up to 4500 pounds per square in .. Unlike other floors, stained concrete does not come loose, buckle, warp, flake, allows expansion of mold or rot. Concrete floor can also be inflammable which means that it does not catch fire easily.

Also, these floors resist UV light meaning that these will maintain exactly the same shine for a number of years. Since concrete floors don't peel, discolor or fade easily, they're highly durable and maintain the look for a number of years as pets, children or guests cannot easily damage these floors.

Doesn't need Much Maintenance

It is true that one needs to maintain just about any flooring but concrete floors require a lot less maintenance as compared to other forms. For instance, carpets need vacuuming frequently and occasional cleaning. Carpeting can be prone to accumulation of grime and mud.

Wood flooring also needs waxing over a frequent basis and careful power over moisture levels. Alternatively, concrete flooring requires very light maintenance to keep its appearance. It will take repolishing rarely and that too only in high traffic areas.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Concrete flooring is a better choice for maintaining indoor quality of air. Retained moisture, odors from cleaning agents and smoke, volatile organic compounds emitted by building materials and allergens for example mold and dust mites are the main sources of degradation of indoor quality of air.

Concrete flooring doesn't have any of these issues as it does not retain moisture and it can be easily cleaned without using any harsh chemicals.

Highly Waterproof

Water can have highly devastating effects on flooring. Wood flooring warps due to moisture retention as well as allows harmful bacteria to flourish. Retained moisture in carpets leads to growth of mold inside. Similarly, it causes tiles to discolor and delaminate.

On the other hand, properly installed concrete flooring does not get affected by water. Water has zero lingering effect on concrete flooring.

Overall, stained concrete has several benefits over other types of flooring available these days. However, one needs to ensure that the concrete floor is placed in the proper manner. You can find number of contractors that provide concrete flooring services for residential in addition to commercial clients. You should choose the right contractor to get high quality and stylish concrete floor.

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