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Turned around Funnel System - Your Marketing System to Internet Riches

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Today we are going to talk about the the Reverse Funnel System and the ways to use Marketing Funnels to to Maximize your Online Efforts. It is a strategy that, if used and mastered correctly, can adjust the dynamics of one's business "virtually" overnight.

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The Marketing Sales Funnel, or Reverse Funnel System, is most likely the most genius concepts that ever decreased the net in the realm of Online marketing.

Fogged headlights George D. Harris, President and CEO of Harris Marketing Group, Inc. says regarding it:

"The Reverse Funnel System combines Mlm with the power Internet Marketing. We no more need to cold call prospects, chase dead-end leads, spend themselves broke on advertising campaigns and even hound people about building true financial freedom for their own reasons. This product weeds everybody out leaving users with highly motivated, truly qualified leads."

It's using the principle that consumers would enter your marketing funnel through several on and offline strategies and proceed through a "system" to become happy customers. Some strategies add the following:

 Industry events
 Webinar Seminars
 Live Speaking Engagements
 Junk mail
 Referrals** (Well talk much more about that one in just a moment)

To spell out the theory one step further it is possible to contemplate it in this way. Should you be marketing something, say a nutritional product simply to make use of an example, and you talk to 100 people regarding your product, you may perhaps get 10 people that will be considering conversing with you about using or marketing your nutritional product.

However, if the same 100 prospects see a capture page person speaking about the way you brought in 30 people last month into your primary business as you have discovered the "Secret" to attracting prospects online, well, let's say that you'll have additional people climbing the ladder to the diving board where they can flip, free fall or cannon ball to your funnel.

Your funnel will likely then become a type of "pool party" of your wide array of prospects that are going to see what you have to give you.

In the original model, the outlook would enter the large end from the funnel and undergo an activity that looked similar to this:

 Marketing Campaigns
 Referral or Advocate (*Well talk a little more about this in just a minute)
 Happy Customer (This happy customer gets to be a part of your autoresponder system so you carry on and sell to the crooks to make you profit).
 Repeat the method all over again and again

Turned around funnel system is in line with the principal that your particular prospect will fall via your marketing funnel dropping out another end like a customer you never know you, really cares about, and trusts you. This will happen because the whole time they're in your funnel they're going to enjoy everything you have to offer.

However, should there be one thing it is certain of when you are marketing on the Internet is the only consistency may be the inevitability of change. Daily there are new systems available and new outlets and possibilities.

The rising interest in social networking and social networking has created the necessity to look at marketing funnel one level deeper and develop a category for your advocates. (Itrrrs this that I was talking about when I said I would speak more about this step in a moment).

Your happy customer can be your greatest asset. Why, you may ask?

People trust other folks. Basically know someone who recommends a motion picture or perhaps a restaurant And that i know, like and trust see your face, it is possible to bet I shall be within the line to type in. It's very considerably more powerful than a recommendation from the stranger on the Internet that you really have no idea of if the picture can be an accurate depiction of them or not.

This changes the whole dynamics in the Internet and has opened the latest realm of possibility.

This customer becomes YOUR advocate, thereby actually assisting in the process of bringing more customers to the top of your marketing funnel to begin with the method themselves.

This will likely create a synergy that may set out to extend to others falling in line, and the like etc....

The greater customers you might have singing your praises around the social media scene, the greater your efforts pays off.

That old model employed to end with keeping the prospect in your pipeline until they'd "Buy, Die or Opt Out."

Today, the bars have been lifted as well as your customers and prospect receive their virtual freedom to spread their wings and fly.

They've been handed a strong new weapon that creates honesty and fairness increasingly essential in your online efforts today. Your visitors have within their hands a "virtual microphone" plus they can walk into any one of the outlet malls (Facebook, Twitter, My Space, LinkedIn, etc.), build their podium, and initiate spewing your name around to any or all which will listen.

This may be a good thing or a a dangerous thing. For those who have done your visitors a dis-service, then a Advocate will bring customers from your marketing funnel.

However, when you have done a great job and your clients are happy with you, they'll drive traffic towards your marketing funnel in droves.

It is a beautiful thing. Nothing is better when you're marketing anything, including yourself, online than the usual happy, satisfied customer.

Today lesson is a simple one, keep the customers and prospects happy and fulfilled you'll also find a bit army around touting your praises and making a following as strong as the Pied Piper into your marketing funnel.

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