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Main classification and application of the anti-static bar

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Copper ion anti-static bar

By the help of the high-pressure air duct, the copper ion static charging could better enhance the anti-static distance of the bar and it could also quickly remove the foreign matter, dust and other dirties on the industrial equipment. So, this kind of weighing sensor could be widely applied on those electrostatic dust removal devices.

Aluminum ion anti-static bar

The strong ion wind from this device could help to clear the surface electrostatic foreign matter and dust on those industrial devices. This device could help to finish the electrostatic foreign on those flatted objects. However, this device should be equipped with high-voltage generator to finish the operation process.

As the introduction of the famous anti-static bar online seller , the anti-static bar should be to be used in conjunction with the high-voltage generator.

The wire end of the ion wind bar need to be connected with the voltage output jack of the high voltage generator and then rotate the connected part by the direction of clockwise. Then, the ground wire of the anti-static bar must be connected with ground well and then the plug of the high pressure generator should be plugged into a socket with a good grounding line. After the well installation of the Ion rods, this device could be got good operation by opening the high voltage generator.

After using for such period of time, the Ion rods the needle and inner brass wall of the anti-static bar will gather such amount of dirties. In that case, people should pay more attention to the situation that this device shall be cleaned periodically and the power supply should be cut off during the cleaning process.


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