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Challenge Your mates - Anytime, Anywhere

Challenge Club offers you capability to challenge friends and family on tasks, causes and activities dear to you, when you test out your own limits. It�s the one platform to create, compete and let others to participate you within the coolest, craziest and extreme challenges. We dare that you join!
Are you currently an excitement seeker, fun seeker, jokester, social media marketing gamer, daredevil, gamer, athlete, mathematician, magician, artist, instigator or basically anybody else who wishes to dare their friends or family to perform anything?
Join Challenge Club at http://www.ChlgClub.comto Face Your Fears, Motivate Friends and family and Impact the World. Accepting challenging means, you happen to be accepting to develop, learn and alter. To get a lot better than yesterday, To never back. If it doesn�t CHALLENGE you, it doesn�t CHANGE you.

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