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Jackery Titan Portable Battery

For me, the Jackery Titan is one of the best portable batteries money can get. This beast packs a solid 18,000 mAh charging capacity, and just costs $35.00.


One thing I noticed when using this out of the box was how light it is. This battery weighs almost 1 pound. Don’t misunderstand, this battery is SOLID. Personally, i enjoy the weight given it gives me the feeling of a better quality product, which it is. The sleek aluminum body also gives it a great look and feel. The aluminum body also makes this battery more durable. Although I don’t recommend it, you are able to toss this battery around carelessly, without having to worry about damaging or scratching it.

This portable battery hasn't one, but TWO charging ports. Yes, folks, you are able to charge two devices simultaneously with this battery. It arrives with two 5V output ports which are 1 A and two.4 A. You charge the car battery with the micro USB cable that will come with the battery. It’s nice for Jackery to add the micro USB cord, on the other hand wish it was longer.

having to plug it into a power outlet. Because the Jackery Titan has this kind of large capacity, it will require a little while for itself to charge. It took me about 11 hours to charge the Jackery Titan from 0 to 100%. If you’re considering traveling with this, I recommend you charge it a night before you leave. Did you know that this battery is sensible? There is a little chip inside which turns off the charging when it’s full. What's more, it knows when the device connected becomes full and turns off. This is a great feature because it doesn’t waste battery and it keeps your device safe. Surprisingly, the Jackery Titan doesn’t get very hot when using it.

Any feature is the Blue LED indicator lights. These lights indicate simply how much charge your Jackery battery leaves. If all 4 LED’s are lit, which means the Jackery has between 75-100% left. If there is 3 LED’s lit, the Jackery has 50-75% left. I’m sure you'll be able to guess the rest of the pattern for that other lights. When you find yourself charging the Jackery battery, nowhere lights blink indicating it’s charging.

For $35.00, the Jackery Titan is among my favorite portable batteries. It’s safe, smart, and has got the job done. I love taking it outdoors because I can charge my iPhone and iPad simultaneously. This battery is additionally great to have in case of a power outage. My only complaint about it battery is how heavy it is. Other than that, it’s perfect in most way.

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