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House Painting and Happiness

Austin house painting
The truth is that it - I got bit by the cleaning bug. It always begins with the small stuff, dusting the baseboards and reorganizing the attic, the sort of thing you can do without your back complaining about this. The problem is that it always escalates, involved with it bursts out into some type of madness ("let's put in a sun room!"). And that's how I wound up with a far more gallons than I could count of antique ivory paint.

house painting austin
House painting is not something attracts me when I'm pretty much sane, but I need to admit it's really grown on me. We've only finished one for reds up to now, however that side is surely a candidate in my new favorite side of the property. The modern paint isn't so completely different from the first shade, though the finish breathes a brand new life to the outside appearance of the home. It's the perfect aspect to ring in the liveliness of spring.

I have a great couple weeks of smocks and giant foam rollers left, but I'm excited. I cannot wait to find out how this project will prove, i promise everyone that I'll post pictures after i get the paint drips our of my hair.

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