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Why Large Dog is The Best Pet?

Over the years I have had many, many dogs in my family and as you can imagine lots of varied personalities and characters. It is the large dog breeds that have given me the most notable satisfaction and memorable characters of all time.

My memories always recall characters, like Arnie the Afghan Hound, George the German Shepherd,    Scooby the Great Dane and last but not least Bernie, yes, yes I know, the St Bernard. All of them were extra special dogs in my past and all for very different reasons. But they all had one thing in common; they were huge!! They were most definitely from the large dog breed category.

I’m not saying that large dog breeds produce the best characters but in my case, the most memorable have been so.

It is for this reason that I have created this blog dedicated to them and honour all large canines and their beauty and splendour in the dog world.

Of course, I have to take a balanced view and realise that large dog breeds do offer a few challenges when it comes to having one as a pet.

The most obvious and immediate problem that springs to mind is space, of course.

But, on the positive side, think about how awesome it is when you take your dog for a walk or in the park, and you have this great big gorgeous canine in tow. Everyone is looking in either admiration or outright fear.

It can not be beaten, that wonderful feeling of pride, to have such a powerful and eye catching companion at your side.

Over the next few weeks, I will be telling you the wonderful stories of the characters I mentioned above and also look at all of the different types of large dog breeds there are and the challenges and pleasures of having one in your family and as your best friend. Such as;

What type of food and how much do they eatCan you really have a large dog in a small home or apartmentWhat activities can you do with a large dog Are large dogs dangerousDo large dogs have particular health issuesThese topics and much, much more will be reviewed and to all dog lovers and owners especially those of large dog breeds I hope you find this blog useful and interesting and I very much look forward to seeing you back again.

If you are a big fan of large dog breeds like me like to know everything about the different breeds, then the Encyclopedia of  Dog Breeds by D. Caroline Coile Ph.D. is a must read

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