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Consulting - this really is one of the fastest growing businesses during the last decade are. In their report, The Global Consulting Marketplace: Key Data Forecasts and Trends (1997), Kennedy Information, the key resource in the field of management consultancy, predicts that whenever 2000 the world average rate of growth of management consulting services will likely be about 16.1% annually. Will the company require assistance in changing their size, the roll-out of new computer systems, the roll-out of the management team or perhaps the entry into the Chinese market - in all these cases, they consider a counselor for advice. This company, which consultancy support is essential, usually called the "client". This term can refer to the organization as a whole, also to the person who made the request.

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Consulting - an activity in which an individual or company helps the client to achieve the desired result. Assistance will take the form of information, advice and practical assistance inside the work. The consultant is an expert in a certain professional field of activity, performing work, facilitating the achievement of customer the actual required results.

Consultant - this is not a narrow specialist with deep knowledge inside a particular area. Unlike your doctor or an accountant qualified consultant also comes in the activity of a lot of circumstances. The identification of those circumstances is required to determine the modalities for your provision of services and areas of expertise, which include, for example, management, engineering or exhibition activities. While consulting - is actually definition not a profession, however concept is often identified together with the "consulting profession." For convenience, on this book I will also refer to consulting as a profession.

The actual work of the consultant may be in different cases in various areas. Each consultant must be an expert in some area - management, organizational development, training, or another, to understand computers, securities, business writers, marketing, or have any of the thousands of different professions.

Once you identify the areas you need to define the methods of labor. For example, if you choose to focus on activities in the field of training, it is possible to develop and offer their very own material or material of one other person whose you are interested in represent. You can develop materials or offer the materials manufactured by others. You can even get certified like a specialist training courses put together by someone else, especially in the the event of establishing relations with all the major teaching firms.

Last but not least, if you are a generalist, for example, if you are in management, you will have to decide consultant can perform the work in a selected industry.

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The assumption of risk and ambiguity. Permanent flexibility within the relationship. Balancing both between the various processes, and between your interests of the people. Manage multiple varieties of liability. Willingness to frequent and long trips. High communication skills. Continuous training. The necessity to confirm the importance and price of their services again and again. Suitable if all described for your requirements? If you answer "Yes!" - That consulting has to be your ideal career.

In the event you decide that advice - for you personally, what are the opportunities exist? Think of your ultimate goals. Do you need to become a partner associated with a of the "Big Six"? Do you strive to build your own company or expect you will always work as a specialist for an individual entrepreneur? Would you like to teach at a small university along with counseling, or take part in counseling, in addition to these activities?

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