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10 Things That Every Wedding DJ Must have

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1. Professional music source - the wedding DJ really should not be getting each of their music from iTunes or Amazon and of course not from YouTube. You'll find professional dj music subscriptions - they feature radio edited music licensed for use.

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2. When performing - your wedding DJ must have redundant music sources (2 laptops, CD player, etc) so that if something wrong happens together with the first music source, there isnrrrt dead air. This means that they ought to have both sources setup and running constantly - not in their car or new laptop bag. I watch a DJ once leave a couple in the heart of the dance floor for up to 3 minutes while he experimented with obtain first dance to begin.

3. When interviewing your potential wedding dj - they should have audio or videos of these MC work - you need to be able to hear them do an overview or announcements getting a feel for their style and if they will embarrass you and your guests on the microphone on your own wedding ceremony.

4. Yes, there are many degrees of DJ gear from admittance to top quality. Obviously the higher end gear will sound better, but there are a few basics your wedding DJ really should have - the right sized speakers for the venue and guest count. In the event you have only 40 guests in the back room of the restaurant or perhaps you have invited 500 guests within the largest of banquet halls - these will not require the identical size audio system. A lot of or too little can be an issue. Ensure their head unit is scalable to your desires. Usually of thumb - under 100 guests / 2 speakers, 100-200 / A few speakers, over 200 guests / much larger sound system necessary to properly fill the bedroom.

5. Could you accept is as true, but in nowadays - there are still DJs on the market that don't have a radio microphone. For weddings - it can be vital to get one for toasts. Ask where did they will handle toasts and where the top Man should indicate their speech.

6. Using a separate area for your social hour or exist many rooms getting used in your banquet facility? You might need a wireless sound system (wireless speakers) from the wedding DJ to properly cover the appropriate areas.

7. Can be your ceremony on-site? In case your wedding DJ can give music and microphone on your ceremony - you should ensure they've got a SEPARATE SYSTEM to your ceremony. You wouldn't want them extracting gear and dragging through guests following the ceremony and rushing to put together for cocktail hour. Do not forget your wireless microphone needs - typically you would like to hear your officiant, your exchange of vows and perhaps you happen to be creating a singer or reader? That typically means three separate microphones - NOT ONE. Is there electrical power offered by the ceremony site? You might need your DJ in order to run their system away from battery.

8. Everyone knows that everything doesn't go as planned. Does your DJ have back plans? Do they have the best together with skilled DJ available to fill in due to illness or emergency? What happens if they experience gear failure? Do they have complete backup gear on-site (does no good on your wedding if it is back at the job)

9. Cover you're a** - should your wedding DJ runs their business in a ethical and professional way - they will be capable to provide proof Insurance. Many wedding venues demand it before a DJ may also step foot inside to setup. Ask for evidence of insurance.

10. Ask for social evidence remarkable ability - on-line reviews ought to be posted on sites

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