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3 tips to think of the best keywords for your stock video footage

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On this digital era, the demand for audiovisual content continues to grow while i write this article not to mention, the market starts to consider video producers and then more and more people join the stock video footage market to generate some of this content, making this industry increasingly more competitive. Let’s talk about how keywords can help you get in the front with the line.

B-roll package
In a never-ending sea of content, make your stock video clip stand out from the crowd and quality is not the only factor in place. People need to fulfill B-roll footage needs and they also need to do it quickly, company is likely to stay with the first couple of royalty-free video clips which will somewhat fit their video productions as an alternative to spend more time trying to find an ideal piece of b-roll footage for them.

This is why, as a b-roll footage producer, you should start thinking about gaining better search results and the response to this matter is: keywords.

Keywords are exact terms, meaningful symbols, powerful keywords, them all related to stock video. The smart usage of them will place your royalty free movies in the first results. The bottom line is to think like your audience: once you’ve assembled your B-roll package ask yourself, “If I need this exact bit of B-roll footage, what would I type?”

1.    Define a dark tone
What message may possibly be transmitted using your stock video footage? What’s the principle idea enclosed with your B-roll package? Is it built to inspire or to entertain? The application of stock footage can shape up the tone of your production, so I recommend you take a few minutes to think about the several goals your B-roll packages can serve. Make a list of words that best represent the emotions you want to wake within your audience.

For example, for those who have a collection of royalty free films that portray a wholesome woman carrying a normal life, then you can say this b-roll footage can be utilized you to “inspire” people and to get them involved in a “fitness” and “healthy lifestyle” by showcasing the benefits of “working out”. See? We easily developed the first four keywords for any B-roll package with stock video clip about workout.

2.    Symbols, symbols, symbols
Let's imagine, let’s say the subject is love. Now, that’s a wide concept, right? When creating keywords for your stock video, think of the images that best represent the storyline, what can you see in the royalty-free video clips that represent love? Would it be “flowers”, “hearts”, “kisses”? Think of the symbols with your B-roll footage.

3.    Think such as the cinematographer in you
Customers are also looking for specific techniques, varieties of shots, and visual factors that carry out certain purposes in various storylines. Are you by using a high or a low contrast? Does your B-roll package include timelapses or slow motion shots? What resolution have you been shooting in? Think about all the angles and frames, you may be using dramatic close-ups or beautiful long shots for landscapes. All of these elements are extremely relevant and may be considered when coming up with your keywords.

Bonus tip: let’s suppose the Internet as a big ocean of content. This is a great opportunity for anyone around that wants to share new, exciting content. However, if you need to stand out from tons of generic royalty-free video clips, it’s a good idea to focus on a niche market, make the pond smaller and succeed. is the foremost and only stock footage agency specializing in B-roll footage with a stock footage library consisting of handpicked B-roll package producers from all around the world.

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