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Exotic Supercar Drives

CARS Ford GT Exotic super car compilation sounds start Specifications
Similar to most of us, you cannot manage to buy a supercar to fly around a track with. It is really an expensive business running a supercar, but now you don't need to forget about your desires driving one of these brilliant mechanical wonders. With an exotic supercar drive gift experience you, or someone you love, could possibly get behind the wheel and drive a supercar as though it absolutely was their particular, around a specialist racing track.

CARS Ford GT Exotic super car compilation sounds start Specifications

There are tracks offering these gift day experiences in a variety of Australian and New Zealand locations, plus a number of different vehicles to select from. Continue reading to learn more about what's entirely on your day and why something special such as this is unforgettable.

The Ideal Receiver

Supercar gift experiences offer something many people couldn't imagine having. Sadly, many of us will never have the cash to obtain behind the wheel of a supercar. All of these restrictions disappear with a gift day experience. For an affordable fee you get to possess some personal time along with your vehicle of choice. Plus it is not only about idling in traffic. It's really down to pushing it to its very limits on sun-kissed tarmac tracks.

So long as you use a driving licence you'll find nothing stopping you from being able to grab one of these brilliant experiences. In addition, for underage car enthusiasts there's the choice of a gift day where you stand the passenger. Simply because you cannot legally drive this type of vehicle does not imply you should not arrive at feel the adrenaline since the tyres screech around a tight corner.

Those who desire to gain advanced driving qualifications, since they want to turn into a racing driver themselves can also reap the benefits of today out.

Why Choose a very beautiful Supercar Drive?

The exotic supercar drive enables you to grab charge of an automobile that is usually the domain from the famous and rich. It's a true taste of driving totally past the normal daily pootle to work and back, obtaining the youngsters or the mall.

However it is about more than the driving force. What is so special about these supercar drives is that you may take the household together with you. Spectators are more than welcome in the event. They can live the dream with you, plus they can even appear in the photo shoot before the drive. This is why the trip is really affordability.

Start Driving

Gift voucher options vary dramatically. There is a range of many different drives plus a huge range of the world's most coveted cars. This is the sort of gift which people request over and over as no two drives are identical. Take to the roads of Australia and view probably the most spectacular mountain tracks on earth, or opt for Nz and smash normal driving boundaries by having an authentic racing track run.

The choice of vehicles is wide. It's all regulated down to personal taste along with a huge selection of cars there is something for all. Just some of the exciting supercars include a racing red Ferrari 360, the classic silver Porsche, a sunshine yellow Lamborghini, as well as an elegant black Maserati Corsa.

Mechanics tune each car to the optimal level before every run, which means you get everything before pulling away from the starting line.

On the Day

When you turn up at the chosen location you obtain the full red carpet treatment. Immediately you might be whisked away to see the car you will end up driving. Get acquainted with it and spend just as much time as you wish utilizing the experience of.

Continue your day however you like when you start the professional photo shoot. A top-shot photographer using a state-of-the-art camera takes pictures of both you and your car in the celebrity shoot format. Bring along a pal or family member plus they could possibly get mixed up in shoot together with you.

It's soon time and energy to start driving. Climb in your shiny Lamborghini or Aston Martin, strap yourself in, and make preparations to leap from the starting blocks on the whistle. What you'll take in now depends positioned on your best location. For instance, one gift voucher experience walks you over the rolling hill roads from the Mornington Peninsula. Another gift voucher might supply you with the full racing experience, having a time trial, around the famous Hampton Downs in Auckland.

Complete the afternoon in luxury as you position the brakes on. When you turn up in the finishing line, drivers reach crack lets start on a no cost glass of champagne. A perfect end with a day most can only imagine!

Where Is it possible to Drive

The present of the exotic supercar drive is a you will not forget in a big hurry. Nevertheless the worth of they come in the fact it could reach as many people as you can. Choose from a variety of diverse locations like:

*� Hampton Downs racing track, Auckland.

*� Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne.

*� Queensland Raceway, Brisbane.

*� Adelaide, Southern Australia.

*� Norwell, Gold Coast.

Get a Gift Voucher

The present voucher supplies a a few different possibilities easy to both gift givers and gift receivers. By collecting a voucher you realize you don't have to utilize it at this time. Every ticket includes a validity of 12 months attached. Use it anytime during the the coming year. And it also includes a 30-day refund, so if the day isn't on their behalf, you shouldn't be afraid to create a change.

Furthermore, it's really down to value for money. Customers always get good value once they choose a very beautiful supercar drive because:

1. Drivers get full instruction from professional instructors; and in some cases a lap around a racing track with the instructor demonstrating what it is done.

2. Refreshments at the time. Hot and cold drinks with champagne on some gift packages.

3. A piece of paper or photo shoot documenting a memorable day behind the wheel.

4. Free fuel. Organisers make sure each car is fully fuelled. In addition there are free for refills. It's all covered by the organisers.

5. The ability to bring along friends and family who are able to drink the big day alongside you.

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