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Great Cartoons Make Great Toys

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There's a sense where some imagination might be lost with television, sure. I'm ready to buy that argument - or at least part of it. However, there's another side to that particular argument that supporters of the theory may not be seeing, and that's the concept of toys deriving from said television shows.

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A great cartoon will not only entertain us to make us laugh, nevertheless it can actually enhance our creativity when developed the right way. For instance, if we're talking about a cartoon in which the main character gets himself into all sorts of crazy situations, the kid playing with the toy can certainly still certainly use their imagination to pretend their toy in similar binds. Not only does that make use of their imagination, but it takes problem-solving skills to get the character OUT of the messes. Add into that an antagonist or two, and we're good.

If you have good writing on the show - especially when humor can be used - there is a sense in which the adventure is never finished, understanding that can spill over into toy play. If there are lessons taught inside the show, then just maybe our children are absorbing these lessons, are associating the characters with the themes, and will have fun with their cartoon toys likewise. It's just up to us as parents and guardians to find yourself in our children's activities and teach them good play habits.

Cartoons could possibly be abused and made to act as pacifiers, but we need to remember that entertainment is entertainment and it has been a great source of imagination and creativity provided man has been on earth. It's what we employ it, how we limit the intake, and the way we expand on it that is the key.

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