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Appum Studios Develop Special Apps for the World


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In a world filled with digital media and technology the creation of applications to help you get through life is a common occurrence today. Some apps serve a purpose in your life while others are just for fun. If you have been looking for a variety of new apps to enjoy there are many to choose from created by Appum Studios. These applications are changing the way people work and live.


Appum Music Album App


The world of music is changing as we know it. We now have our music albums right in our phones and can easily access them at any time.  If you are looking for a way to create mobile vinyl records, this is the application for you.



Search nearby Ta-Chi, meditation, Yoga sessions and more. You have the ability to create, search and communicate with others like you with this easy to use meditation app.


432 Player


The mobile music industry is changing and so is the way you play your music. This app allows you to pitch your songs to the 432 Hz frequency.  Learn how to easily pitch your songs in real time with the 432 player. The 432 Hz is one of the best frequencies to listen to your music on. So if you want the most enjoyable listening experience let this app help you.


432 Tuner


The 432 Turner helps you to tune any instrument to at A+432 Hz tuning. Easily tune your instrument by downloading this application and walking through the instructions. This is a great application for music instructors to help students with tuning.


Says Voice Command Navigation


Easily get to your location by just speaking with this amazing application. All you have to do is say the address to where you want to go, and you will get there easily in no time at all.


Cyma Scope


The Cyma Scope app is one of the first apps of its kind to make music as beautiful as it sounds visually. By using geometry of the sounds of pianos you can enjoy beautiful images in real time to enjoy your music on a deeper level. Play the notes by using the touch sensitive keyboard. You can even use your voice to trigger piano notes.




With a variety of applications from Appums that can help dive into music as a holistic experience. Music is the center of our stress-free world, and Appums has created applications that help you to recognize just how important music is to your life. Enjoy all applications daily.


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