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Birds Of A Feather


Forget success!
You heard me, get amnesia when it comes to everything you’ve been told about “making it.”
Because what most people call achievement, is simply being average.
How can you consider yourself a success if you’re punching a time clock and have a “boss,” who pays you what he decides you’re worth?
Stop kidding yourself.
Working a job, is not living your dreams. You’re merely surviving, paying bills, another face in the crowd.
If you’re not self-employed, you’re making someone else rich. Period.
Don’t kick yourself too hard.
It’s tough being the exception, rebelling against society’s "success" formula (i.e., education = employment = prosperity).
But your future is at stake!
Beat the odds; take 100% responsibility for your life.
True self-sufficiency means there's no one to blame, or excuses to make, when things don’t work out. You must stand on that rock alone, with confidence.
If you're serious about success, your thinking must be correct. This means relinquishing attachments, and living in accordance with self-affirming values.
Imagine for a moment, a new life, without drama or fear, where your contentment is based on unwavering self-acceptance.
Imagine . . .
Don’t be average.


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