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Nursery Rhymes Remain Important After All This Time

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They're colourful, often silly, and they use patterns of sound and rhythm that are predictable and pleasing to the ear. Many of them can be accompanied by fun actions. This all makes them easier to remember than simply sentences.

nursery rhymes

Children like to hear the same songs and stories again and again. It gives them possibility to practise their newly developing skills on pieces in which they are already familiar. When kids are given the chance to use material they think comfortable with, they find that they gain mastery over additional skills and become confident in using them.

Before children can be good talkers they need good listening skills. Children must develop the ability to remember the sounds and words they hear, and, later, to repeat them. This is whats called auditory memory. Children need a good auditory memory being good communicators.

Lots of children, though, require assistance to develop their auditory memory, especially if they have had points during the hearing loss at any stage in infancy, including when they have had ear infections.

Nursery rhymes are fantastic for practising auditory memory skills. In a fun sort of way they learn how to remember exact sequences of sounds and words. And also the words can often be teamed with actions, which kids love, before they can even say the words. Songs that have actions are even much easier to remember. The actions profit the words come.

Nursery Rhymes allow for endless repetition so your child is practising words and phrases many times.

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