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Can one get compensation for train delays and cancellations?

Train delay compensation
National Rail Conditions of Carriage

These are the basic minimum degrees of compensation train companies have to give you. Many offer more generous compensation than this for delays, therefore it is worthwhile examining the company's site for more information.

Late Trains
The National Rail Conditions of Carriage will be the underlying rules for train travel in Britain. These conditions put down the quantity of compensation you're eligible for.

The minimum compensation for a delay is 50% of the single ticket (25% of the return, if you don't were delayed for both legs) if you are more than one hour late.

These conditions are stingier than a lot of the train companies' own rules on compensation for delay.

Just how do i claim compensation?

The quantity of compensation you're eligible to will depend on the length of your delay.

Use our guide to find out how to claim compensation for train delays and cancellations

Delay Repay

Most train operators are signed up to the Delay Repay scheme. This means you can claim 50% of one's journey cost in case you are delayed by 30 minutes, whatever the reason behind the delay.

If you're delayed by one hour, you will get a refund from the full journey cost.

National Rail compensation

The nation's Rail Conditions of Carriage state that compensation has to be provided as cash or National Rail vouchers.

Having a bad knowledge about train travel is likely to make you less thinking about heading back for further so vouchers may not appeal.

Importantly, if you don't want rail vouchers, you have to explicitly request a cash refund or perhaps your train company may offer you vouchers instead.

Season tickets and compensation

Refunds for season ticket holders are generally calculated while using proportional daily cost of the price of your annual ticket.

Train companies duty of care

If circumstances inside the power over a train company leave you stranded, any train company that can help should.

They should allow you to your destination or offer you overnight accommodation.

Tube delays

Transport for London (TFL) offers refunds in case a passenger's journey is delayed in excess of 15 minutes.

For tube passengers, this comes down to the fare for that single journey you're making, regardless of whether you possess a season ticket and have got a new single fare.

London Overground and TFL users must be delayed by more than Half an hour.

You need to claim within 14 days to become eligible for reimbursement.

Exceptions to compensation rules

Some companies, including TFL, Chiltern Railways, Arriva Trains Wales, Free airline Trains, Northern Rail, Grand Central, and First Transpennine Express, don't yet offer Delay Repay.

Therefore compensation often doesn't apply if delays, cancellations or poor service happened for reasons away from train company's control, as an example:

Acts or threats of vandalism or terrorism

Suicides or accidents involving trespassers

Gas leaks or fires in lineside buildings not the effect of a train company

Line closures in the request with the police or emergency services

Exceptionally severe weather conditions

Industrial action

Riots or civil commotion

Fire, mechanical or electrical failure or a defect (except where caused by a train company or its trains’ defects)

Smartphone app for passenger rights

The eu Commission has launched an application for passengers travelling in the EU.

The application covers your rights for those modes of transport, and is also on these platforms - New iphone and iPad, Android os, RIM Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

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