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Backpacker, Landscape Chaser, Collecting Memories Not Things


I�m Allan Ter, a self proclaimed Jumper, Backpacker, Travel Enthusiast, and I love what life can give. In December 2014, a not so formal backpacking trip for 3 weeks had been a drug that got me hooked into traveling.

Hey and welcome to One of the ways Tickeeet!

I love exploring and utilizing the roads less traveled since it excites me, taking me from my comfortable zone, knowing life has much more to make available and smashing doubters the world isn�t so nasty as what everyone portrayed it to be. Paying attention to the press looks like a frog trapped in a highly hearing and fearing what others say concerning the world. But once you�re out from the well, you see how beautiful and amazing life is.

I experienced kindness from people whom i barely know, empathy in the hardship some villagers coping, simplicity that literally brings a lot happiness that defines this is �less equals more�. My world as well as the horizon widens when i strike a discussion using a native who barely speaks English. The educational curve is immerse which can be valuable lessons you can never learn inside a classroom.

I created One of many ways Tickeeet to help keep a record of my passion, the places i went also to help fellow travelers utilizing the roads less traveled.

Follow me on my journey for the world one Way Tickeeet!

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