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How to Link a USB Modem Wi-fi Router Ethernet

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I now have got a USB broadband modem. I procured a wi-fi router that has ethernet connections. At this time, the modem is plugged into my laptop downstairs that's working Windows ninety eight, for that reason, it will not likely bridge the connections to my laptop upstairs(XP). I am unable to update to XP simply because a loved one wont 'risk' it.

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Am i able to hook up the USB broadband modem to my wireless router utilizing a complicated variety of cable adapters ie ethernet to USB (I cant locate a USB TO ETHERNET adapter). If this is simply not achievable, if I plug the USB modem into my XP laptop, can i bridge the connections to my Win ninety eight computer system applying the XP laptop or computer as the host?

I do think their is Ethernet to USB out their now although not USB to ethernet. I dont see any reason why you shouldn't be able to hook up your USB modem to your XP laptop and use it to be a bridge on the 98 computer system.

Of course, it could be nicer to have an all-in-one device, however, you can attain your intention with this particular devices. You cannot use cable adapters to convert the modem's USB into Ethernet. USB needs drivers to operate, and Ethernet connections tend not to supply people motorists to your product. you may also hook up the modem to the XP equipment and bridge connections, indeed. however , you can depart the method how it is and configure it to operate smoothly such as this:

If I'd the hardwear before me, it would be easier to provide specifics... but i'm able to probly provide you an concept of what to do. You will discover only 2 ways listed here:

1. configure an online gateway.

2. configure the router.

Along with the rest is not hard.

1. Set up the net equipment to SHARE An online Connection (you need to use the wizard if you prefer, or merely empower Online Link Sharing), that will convert the 98 into an online gateway. that gateway wants an IP deal with specified, nonetheless. In essence, the 98 equipment would be the net server, therefore the IP in the ninety eight device may be the IP with the gateway. Assign an tackle, as an example: into the 98 machine. the "192.168" is essential, plus the last strings it is possible to stretch on, but for your sake of relieve lets keep it small. *TIP* the subnet mask will always be okay that normally takes care with the host machine.

two. once you have a web gateway, hook up the wi-fi router, and console (or IP) in on the configurations, typically by going into world wide web explorer and typing into your address bar, and appear for just a slot for World-wide-web Gateway. Style the deal with assigned in stage one. thats that to the router. (there might be other configurations required for your personal specific network, and if you will discover, make sure to configure those people.)

And lastly a few housekeeping duties. ensure the workgroup for both equally machines is equivalent. I generally use MSHOME as being the workgroup. Also be certain that about the XP device, your IP address is set to "Automatically Attain IP address", also known as DHCP

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