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23 Lanzarote Attractions - Rancho Texas, Western Amusement park

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Rancho Texas is situated around the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen and on one of our many trips recently, we made a decision to spend a day out their with all the children. Rancho Texas features amongst its attractions, an Indian amphitheatre where we witnessed a sensational display in falconry, a Nature Park where our youngsters watched and also played with a number of the animals, a Goldmine In which the big water-wheel runs water to gold-bearing sands and where the youngsters can look for hidden treasure as well as an Indian Village where they took a ride in an Indian canoes and visited the Tepees.

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If you're looking for somewhere for the adults, then why return when they host among the now legendary Rancho Texas Country and Western Nights.

We started our visit within the Nature Park, host to a wide variety of Animals and Birds. This area includes 'The Opera'- A round enclosure having a tremendous variety of singing birds where you can experience amazing sounds, 'The Promenade of colour' - having its sensational variety of birds and hues, 'Liliput Farm', in which the children held the worlds smallest farm animals and saw bigger ones in the form of Turtles, Iguanas, Armadillos and Prairie dogs.

Before we're able to finish, we were interested in crowd gathering within the Indian Amphitheatre (1 of 3 live shows we might witness right then and there). Even as calmed down, the guide entertained us using a fantastic falconry demonstration, part of that involves the falcons flapping people around the head with thweir huge wings because they swoop from high gantries for the central 'stage'.

After this, we took the youngsters towards the Indian Village to calm them down a little. Our youngest (4 at the time) played in the Tepees, paddled a Canoes and found 'Treasure' having followed the lake in the big water-wheel towards the gold-bearing sands. Our eldest (9 during the time) thought it was too young for him but agreed to 'look after his brother' and clearly enjoyed himself, although he denied it during the time.

Next i was drawn to the restaurant area even as were informed that a second show would begin in Quarter-hour time. Exactly, we decided this is a good time to possess something to consume and drink and were surprised to determine our Falconry 'expert' helping out behind the meals counter (we assumed he had washed his hands !). This might not be our last meeting, while he hosted the Parrot show whilst there were lunch. Another good show plus some great pictures for family.
Our two boys wanted to let off some steam, and then we allow them to play for a short while inside the adventure play area, before you go back to complete out tour of the animals.

Our third show during the day, would have been to be the best. Our 'expert' returned (clearly multi-talented) and decided he'd jump right into a pit using the Alligators. He then crept up behind one of these and used it (in the event you're wondering, he's got extremely swift reflexes). Toward no more the show he decided to join the Alligator and sis finale involved holding the Alligators mouth closed between his chin and the chest - some show !

The kids were as amazed even as were also it nearly rounded off a fantastic day trip and fantastic value at 14 Euros per adult and 9 Euros for him or her (under twos are free).
Just about the most modern of Lanzarote's attractions, Rancho Texas, continues to have included in the Manrique influence, with 60,000 m� of theme park, designed with the maximum respect towards the ambience and everything designed with natural materials including stones and wood.

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