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Gaining Higher productivity of Life by Showing Gratitude

Gratitude meditation
I had created the pleasure, a few hours ago, of being honored together with my brothers in faith with the sisters of my Mosque, Muslim host to worship. I became speechless, to say the least, from this surprise appreciation dinner, poem and song.

Islam Gratitude

This taken to my head the need for showing gratitude to the many blessings we receive. Gratitude means expressing thankfulness. Often when we offer prayer it can be with regards to seeking something as well as to avoid something. However, we need to, today, give you a gratitude prayer to Almighty God for his blessings. Right this moment think of 5 issues you are grateful for and just pray thankfully for those five blessings.

I understand that due to the current economic downturn the majority are experiencing despair and loss, hence they many not feel blessed right this moment. We are suffering my own personal realities in addition to most of the people in this country are. I would the same as to say in reply that in case you awoke this morning in horrid conditions, homeless, not being healthy, unemployed and a host of other concerns we should still offer a gratitude prayer. Why? Every morning that we're blessed to wake up we have been given an opportunity to correct the ills during the day before. As homeless, but goals plus a plan we could work on an excellent home. If we are unemployed, though goals as well as a plan we can find the proper work for us. And also on and so on we can affect the conditions in our life.

We can easily do doing this by showing gratitude and not allowing a down moment to produce us down. I am aware this is hard advice to check out in the midst of hardship, yet if we can still show gratitude as we are down we are going to find a way being created for our rise.

Action steps towards showing gratitude

#1 Write down 5 items you are grateful for everyday for the week. At the end of the week this gives you 35 things to remember while making your gratitude prayer.

#2 When was the past time you thanked someone for assistance when you needed them?

#3 Use the power of visualization, affirmation and goals to generate lifespan you would like if you're not satisfied with your existing standing.

#4 Keep in mind that sometimes bad things happen to great people. Yet, find the reassurance of the Biblical story of Job who lost everything, but nevertheless showed gratitude to God and it was blessed again.

#5 Give attention to everything you have rather than that which you don't have. What is your opinion?

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