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11 Animals With Genetic Mutations That will make Them Uniquely Awesome

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By having an estimated 8.Seven million species living on this planet, it's really a wonder we aren't constantly doing backflips over how awesome our life is. What's a lot more awesome is always that there are billions upon billions of species variations due to DNA mutations.

Here are a few of the most bizarre -- and totally awesome -- mutations from the animal kingdom.

1. This funnel-web spider features a single red fang.

2. This dolphin's strange leg is really a throwback to when sea-dwelling creatures started to make their way to land.

3. This caramel-brown panda bear is deliciously adorable.
4. This octopus with simply six tentacles is technically a "hexapus."

5. Here we use a horse with toes. Good luck making shoes for your one.

6. This baby goat has eight legs.
7. Of course this dog came to be without functioning front legs, she walks comfortably on two.

8. This is a frog with three heads.

9. This totally black penguin probably loves Johnny Cash.
10. The "squitten," is not actually a cross between a squirrel along with a cat, is equipped with rodent-like paws.

11. Probably the most appropriately named snake of all time.

Basically, these mutated animals are real-life X-Men of the animal kingdom. I'm so jazzed up about the complexities of life in the world right this moment that we want to high-five that eight-legged goat on every hoof!

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