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Top Tips Of Super Mario

Gaming Industry Faceoff: The Xbox 360 Vs PlayStation 3 Vs Wii

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have emerged over the years as the gaming world's top game system producers, constantly immersing themselves in grueling competitions for the hearts, minds and hands of gamers. Now it's time to compare each console to help you determine the best fit for your gaming taste buds.

The Xbox 360 is the 256-bit sequel to the original console invented by Microsoft and was released on November 16, 2005. The Xbox 360 was a gaming console designed to appeal to all gamer types, and features Xbox Live, an extremely popular and entertaining online multiplayer interaction zone that allows Xbox owners fee based play. Xbox 360 features excellent online exclusive multiplayer first person shooter games such as Halo 3: ODST, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2,with other multiplayer strategy games such Halo Wars and Tom Clancy's Endwar. Halo 3 is the top selling first person shooter of all time, selling a whopping 8.1 million copies.

One drawback to the Xbox 360 is its unique disk vulnerability. If the console is moved mid play, there is the potential for a deep ring from the console to be etched into the game. The game will be playable again only if it is repaired.

The PS3 is a 256-bit console, the third in the series created by Sony Entertainment in 2006. The PS3 features the DualShock 3 controller that vibrates due to in game motion and impact, built in blue ray disc technology for watching your favorite movies in high quality,and a cd player. Some versions of the PS3 are backwards-compatible, meaning that you can play PS2 and PS1 games on the console. the Sony's intent in creating the system was to target audiences of all ages, with the majority of its games in the Teen(13+) ESRB rating to Mature(17+) ESRB rating.

The PS3 features the PlayStation Network, the major competitor to Microsoft's Xbox Live. Unlike Xbox Live, which charges a fee ($49.99 per year for Xbox Live Gold) for full online access, all that is required is an internet connection. The PS3 features top selling online multiplayer games such as Resident Evil 5, Gran Turismo 5:Prolouge, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. God of War III and Uncharted 2:Among Thieves are popular single player action adventure exclusives.

The Nintendo Wii, created by Nintendo Inc, is a family-oriented gaming console designed to appeal to parents and children as kid-friendly. Despite the Wii's significantly limited online capabilities, the console is immensely popular due to its unique controller and fun line of exclusive games. The Wii Nunchuk features motion sensor technology, which allows the user's gestures to be mimicked on screen by games such as Wii Sports.

The Wii is home to popular top rated system exclusives such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Wii Tennis, the Legend of Zelda series and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.The Wii does not feature any capabilities besides game-related play, and has limited appeal for fans of roll-playing and fighting games. The Wii Nunchuk is now being challenged by Sony and Microsoft, who have introduced the PlayStation Eye and Microsoft Kinect, respectively.

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Super Mario Bros - A Detailed Look

Mario Brosstarted off as an arcade game made by the gaming giants Nintendo and was first released in 1983. Later on portable versions for home gaming systems were developed. It was a by-product of the popular Donkey Kong series with a heavy influence of the game Joust developed by William Electronics in 1982. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, it was the first game to use Mario's name in the title (Mario was called Jumpman in earlier versions). It also starred Mario's brother, Luigi (hence the name Mario Bros.) who later became a permanent fixture of Mario games. He is usually shown as Mario's cowardly young brother but later on due to his popularity he took a distinct personality of his own with surprising moments where he stood up for his own. Unlike Donkey Kong, where Mario appeared simply as a side-show carpenter, in this game Mario starred as a plumber, destroying pests that emerge from pipes.

A remade version of the game is included as a mini-game within the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) release of Super Mario Bros. 3 and also features in the remake, Super Mario All-Stars. Improved remakes of Mario Bros. were released on the Famicom Disk System. A contained version of this remake called Mario Bros. Classic was released solely in the European market.

The game begins with a classical music piece from Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Apart from the two main characters, Mario and Luigi, the game includes several enemy figures like;



Fighter Fly:


Popularly known as Freezies, these are blocks of ice that, no points for guessing, freezes platforms. These resemble flies, as is suggested by the name, and can be hit only from beneath. Crab look-alikes, they take two hits to flip and are just a tad faster than the shellcreepers. These look like turtles and have to be hit once to flip and get eliminated.

The game strategy is to kill these vermin coming out from the pipes by hitting them from above or below, making them flip and then shoving them off the screen with a kick. The tricky part is that if they are not taken off the screen right away after flipping them, they flip over and become faster than before and therefore more difficult to kill. Small gold coins keep popping up through out the game which when collected give bonus points to the players. Three small square blocks appear in the game which when hit throws off all the enemies from the platforms. But as said earlier, they appear only thrice throughout the game and have to be therefore used sparingly.

Most, if not all, Mario Bros games revolve around the main theme of this one. Later additions were made to make the game more advance and complex to make it challenging and interesting for the players. Some of the later versions include, Super Mario Advance, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Mario Clash.

Game Boy Advance, Game Watch, Saga, Virtual Boy and Virtual Console all offer Mario Bros. games.

The following can be considered an informational assessment of the Nintendo consoles right against the original Nintendo Entertainment System to the Nintendo Wii and wii points. Serious much information and difference when it comes to console releases in Japan as in opposition to North America. The following paragraphs will focus on the playback quality game information globe North American market.
Grab and Throw - Mario can lift a shell by pressing the 2 main major button while next to it. Releasing the 2 button will throw the shell out from Mario. This can be dangerous because moving shells can injure Mario.
"New Super Luigi U" may look similar to that of "New jocuri cu mario megamix. U" upon first glance, along with a associated with gameplay tweaks, Luigi in the starring role, and over 80 new levels, offer a downloadable content pack "Mario" fans will really love.
However, the options seem in order to about music simulators than actual music itself. Samba de Amigo, one from the better Dreamcast games made the list, while Jet Grind Radio, a great DC game known because of great music, was not addressed. That may seem like a slight oversight, quite a few the games on record seem like they managed to make it on a technicality by ourselves.
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Interesting 10 Facts About Mario

Mario, everyone in this world who are interested in games know this name. A very popular character created by Nintendo. In the Mario Games, he goes on the battle to save his princess. You know who is Mario but if you want to know some interested facts about Mario then here are 10 things you may not know about our favorite video game character Mario:

1. Mario was first seen in the video game Donkey Kong, but he was called "Jumpman". He was also a carpenter then, not a plumber.

2. He was named after Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America's office, who barged in on a company meeting demanding an overdue rent.

3. Shigeru Miyamoto drew Mario as wearing a cap because he found drawing hair difficult. He also drew in the moustache, because it was easier to see than a mouth in the crude video game screen resolution back then.

4. Mario and his younger brother Luigi are known as the "Mario Brothers." This means that Mario's last name is also Mario, so his full name is Mario Mario.

5. He is voice-acted by Charles Martinet, who crashed the audition for "an Italian plumber from Brooklyn" character. Here's an interview with the man:

6. He's nemesis is Wario (a combination of "warui", the Japanese word for bad, and Mario). Similarly, Luigi's rival is Waluigi. Both are also voiced by Charles Martinet.

7. He has appeared in over 200 video games so far, has sold over 193 million units of games (all of the Mario series) and even has his own TV cartoon show. Super Mario Bros. 3 alone grossed over $500 million in USA.

8. TV Schmeve, you're nothing till there's an opera done on you. In 2003, Jonathan Mann of California Institute of Arts created The Mario Opera, a rock opera:

9. Super Mario Bros. theme music, written by Koji Kondo, is known worldwide. It has inspired countless fan-renditions, including one played by Zack Kim on two guitars (viewed over 4 million times on YouTube!), played by Jean Baudin on 11 string bass, beatboxed by Greg Patillo on the flute, and played by the Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra on the trombones.But my favorite is this one by Play! symphony orchestra:

10. He is the most famous character in the history of video games, and perhaps is the most famous character ever. In a 1990 poll by Marketing Evaluations, Mario was found to be more popular (and recognizable) among children than Mickey Mouse.

So after knowing some of the interesting facts about Mario, arent you interested in playing some games dedicated to mario. You can play Mario at this website

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