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WEALTHY BUSINESSMAN: Ryan Otto – Entrepreneur& Philanthropist

Ryan otto
Mr. Ryan Otto has worked skilfully and intelligently, making sacrifices in order to become a successful businessman, investor and adviser on multi-million-pound real-estate transactions for premier league footballers.

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He socialises with public figures and celebrities throughout London and Europe, socialising and working alongside them as their adviser, consulting on multi-million-pound property transactions.

RyanOtto has been prominently involved in philanthropy and charities, giving money and time over the years. One milestone donation caught the attention of the media when Ryan Otto gave away his Porsche 911 Carrera s that was said to be valued at over $80,000 at the time.
However, the multi-million-pound lifestyle that RyanOtto led, has not always been that way. Back in 2011 after an unfortunate set of events which became the most challenging time of his life and professional career, it was at this time that he decided to step up his philanthropic efforts and joined the Samaritans.
By helping others less fortunate that him, Ryan Otto managed to cope with his own personal challenges better, when faced with people who had nothing to live for, and had nobody to turn to, which is when they felt at their most suicidal and vulnerable point.
After 4 years as a Samaritan, RyanOtto was rewarded by the Samaritans organisation and he was invited as guest speaker, to speak to a room full of seasoned and time served Samaritans of up to 40 years, on suicide and philanthropy.
Over the last four years or so, Mr. Ryan Otto has been on call 7 days a week to help and support those who need the Samaritans at their lowest moments, in order to prevent suicide. Over those few years, he has built and forged personal relationships with many of the people he was talking to and supporting.
RyanOtto has received numerous thank you cards and letters from individuals and their families that have been touched by Ryan Otto, where he has had a hand in preventing their loved one from attempting suicide.
Mr. RyanOtto feels that by becoming a Samaritan at the most challenging time of his life, helped him overcome his toughest moments, and forced him to grow into the better person and businessman today.
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