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How to Take Handmade Jewelry - Unique Earrings, Handcrafted Bracelets - Photos

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Great photography can be a necessity for those who have a handmade jewelry website. Unfortunately, handcrafted jewelry is extremely hard to photograph. Many jewelry artisans do not want to venture to a specialist and in addition they wish to accomplish it themselves. There are some simple techniques that even amateur photographers will use to have better results with minimal effort. The following examples show the essential setup that ought to allow one to achieve results they may be satisfied with.

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Inside the olden days we spent 1000s of dollars on photo processing but nowadays were so blessed with the camera. I could write articles pretty much the virtues from the digicam. It does not need to be the top of the line professional camera anymore as most digital cameras have a very macro feature which can be especially for photographing small objects like handmade earrings and handmade bracelets. It is worthwhile to read your camera manual to find out how you can squeeze camera in macro mode.

The keys to good handmade jewelry photography are sharpness, lighting and exposure. The macro lens is a large help for that sharpness factor. Another critical for a clear image can be a tripod. It's essential to train on a tripod or similar camera support when capturing pictures of handcrafted jewelry. A sturdy tripod is better than a flimsy one, but any tripod is many times superior to no tripod. Use a tripod plus your photos will be sharp.

If you are pondering investing in a new digital camera only for photographing your handmade jewelry the most convenient features we use constantly is often a direct camera to computer cable. We adjust every one of the settings through the computer and press space bar to accept picture. No more shaking or movement of any kind as well as the settings are similar each and every time. Technology makes us much easier.

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