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Tricolor or Deck

The dilemma for sailboats and powerboats with masts is need to I have a tricolor light-weight about the masthead or have individual port, starboard and stern lights mounted about the deck.
You will discover pluses and minuses to each just one light and 3 different lights. Some boats have each that has a sliding switch that lets you decide on the tricolor or maybe the deck lights. Using this method if you'd like the variety and visibility in waves utilize the tricolor and when you've got a issue along with the tricolor you are able to change back again. This redundancy is a protection issue.

Tricolor execs

Better visibility
Much better range
Only one light-weight to take care of
Tricolor Disadvantages

Dependability If a bulb goes or else you possess a wiring issue you may not have the ability to see
Servicing to fix you will need to go up the mast

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