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What to Do If the Weather Changes Your Koh Samui Plans

There’s a saying that says you should hope for the best to happen but prepare for the worst to happen. We all want the weather to be nice all the time, but torrential rains can occur from time to time on Koh Samui. It can’t be sunny all day, every day- otherwise the lush vegetation would disappear.

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So, what do you do when you have made plans to go out and about and enjoy the island in good weather when suddenly the weather turns bad?  You don’t have to mope around about your ruined plans, but you can instead make new ones. Better yet, you can have a backup plan ready at all times, in case the weather changes.

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Look for indoor activities you can do at every location you plan to visit. Check out out website to know more.Maybe you will have to spend a bit longer at one of your stops along the way because you got rainedin. Maybe you have to stay in your villa because of the weather. Whatever the case may be, you should be able to find something enjoyable to do while you are kept indoors.  Bring some games to play, a diary to write in, download a movie or two on your laptop or bring something else to pass the time.

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You could also just go out and enjoy the beach or go shopping in the rain, as many people do. You don’t always have to let the weather deter you. 

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