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A & G Custom Kitchens and Case Laminations - Fabuwood Cabinetry

Fabuwood�s products are highend Oriental imports that considerably outwit locally built kitchens of the identical price area. It�s difficult to think, when faced with the elegance of Fabuwood cabinetry, that our solid-wood merchandise is dramatically less costly than locally generated particleboard kitchens.

Over only a purchase, relationships with us are a custom design knowledge. With choices and many collections to select from, we have a home for each buyer. From vintage to contemporary, standard to classic, it is found by you�ll at Fabuwood.
Fabuwood has five lines of units supplied at affordable rates:

Common- Your Basic selection is everything you�ve actually wished for in a home. Offering cuttingedge design and attractive details that are stylish, these aren't merely conceptual dreams: these are dreams taken to life.

Nexus- The Nexus string is among our most popular cabinet selections, presenting many features that our clients enjoy. Normal done inside and complete overlay gates would be the major causes that individuals chose Nexus.

Prima- A Western design modern kitchen, supplying many improvements that are accessible, suggests a custom kitchen for every single buyer. A modern finished look, comprised of the standard you�ve arrived at anticipate, costs the Prima a high consumer choice.

Price- a stylish and affordable alternative, the Worthiness selection gives school with no charge. Aimed toward the innovative yet inexpensive, these kitchens are the top of line-in longevity and design. Popular with landlords and technicians, our Importance assortment can be a trendy, yet wise selection.
Geneva- Made-Of clean white thermo-foil, the simplicity of our Geneva�s layout is why is it so esthetically pleasing. The Geneva, a timeless refined home is really a favorite of technicians and contractors nationwide.

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